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    R & S Evangelista

    met in atlanta . married young . moved to bostonlove . church . books . music . cooking . gardening . travel...more

    Rach's Blog Bite

    Wait, before we go any further- TRUST ME! There, I said it, we can move on now. Hot chocolate is one of those things that I can't live without. I drink it year round, forget just during the cold months. But after watching "Chocolat", {and cleaning up the significant amount of drool that is so obviously going to happen when you mix chocolate and Johnny Depp- HELLO, what are people thinking!?!?!) I became intrigued at the whole chocolate/heat combo. It took a while for me to get brave enough for me to try any choco/heat combo but when I did, OMG!...more

    Rachel Photo Diary

    A nearly daily photoblog, based in Seattle. ...more

    Rachel's Bite

    Working my way through new foods and recipes found in cookbooks, magazines, culinary novels, blogs and television shows one meal at a time. The culinary world is a large one - it's time to explore. ...more

    Rachel's Recipe Box - A Gaggle of Recipes

    These are the delicious recipes of a family with celiac disease, food intolerances, and food allergies. The recipes are created and adapted to be kid-friendly, adult-pleasing, and not just good for f ...more

    Rachel's Recipe Reviews

    My blog is about what I'm cooking, how I liked it, how my husband liked it and what I would do differently next time. Every now and again I throw in some pictures of my little one, because after all, she is the cutest baby in the world!...more

    Rad Recipes

    Recipes, cooking tips and tricks, descriptions of world cuisines and spotlights on great food blogs....more


    adventures in healthy food: maybe quirky, always awesome ...more

    Radiant Life

    Revel in this wholesome and empowering collection of resources for optimal health and sustainable living....more

    Radicchio Blog

    We chose Radicchio as a name because it is a quintessentially Italian vegetable which can be found in certain regions of the country, specifically the Veneto....more

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