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    Renaissance Culinaire

    Blogging my way to Pastry Chefdom. My commentary. All through my eyes, or camera lens. Topics include Baking, Food, Recipes. Showcasing food photography. ...more

    RenaissanceTrophyWife: the modern girl's guide to smart lifestyle investments

    RenaissanceTrophyWife: the modern girl's guide to smart lifestyle investments ...more

    Renee Blodgett's Down The Avenue

    Down The Avenue is a blog dedicated to delivering news and insights on technology, marketing, public relations, politics, media and life. Its goal is to provide an 'authentic perspective' to many of the issues that touch the industry, including mobile wireless, corporate blogging, aggregation, digital audio technology, VoIP, and publishing. Philosophical insights and personal experience are blended into its daily posts. ...more

    Reno and Its Discontents

    Where Myrna the Minx leads other dedicated Reno urbanites in the arts of extreme navel-gazing and haughty self-importance. Ocassionaly, the city and its development are also discussed. ...more

    Reporting for Duty: Mommyhood

    I am a full-time mom first and foremost! I am also active-duty Air Force which means I live a pretty chaotic life but I wouldn't trade it for anything. With as much as I have going on in my life this blog should give me a little place of my own to release my inner writer, crafter, food connoisseur, and talk about my love of my family!...more

    Restaurant Reviews, Food Affairs, And More

    My thoughts of food. Restaurants Reviews....more

    Restaurant Widow

    Lisa is a restaurant worker and bon vivant in Columbus, Ohio. She believes in eating as locally and seasonally as possible and her recipes show her commitment to doing so. Restaurant Widow is also ...more

    Retro Food

    A bit of food, a lot of fun, and oh yeah, using all those millions of cookbooks that I brought into our home. ...more

    Revel & Feast

    Recipes for the care and feeding of friends and family. ...more

    Rich Food for Lean Times

    This is me and my friend's blog about country living and Azerbaijani, Russian, and American food, with step-by-step illustrated recipes - with stories about rural life, and many, many pictures of food, pretty countryside, and cute kids!...more

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