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    Boston-based.  A practical guide to healthy living. ...more

    Sense and Serendipity

    This blog is about food, cooking, health and nutrition and anything between wellness and well-being. My goal is to awaken the society to a new and fresh interest in nutrition in its simple, natural and holistic approach...more

    Sensibly Gourmet

    Recipes and culinary inspriation based on a life of adventure and wholesome living.  The focus of Sensibly Gourmet is to encourage healthful, balanced cooking, eating, and living....more


    After spending the first 21 years in a small town, I packed up my bags and headed to live in the big city. Although I try to plan out every moment of my life, its the moments that happen by accident that make the best memories. Now that I have crossed over the hump of the 20s, my first goal is to break free from my "fat friend" label and learn how to cook, love, and live life to the fullest. This blog is a journey through life with a single, small town girl in the big city. ...more


    Serendipity. That pretty much sums up our life here. I'm a transplanted American, living in the Belgian Ardennes, near Germany and The Netherlands, in an area where three cultures clash and co-exist. I used to have a stress-filled life, working as a management consultant all over the US and Canada. About 8 years ago, my husband and I quit our jobs and moved to Europe. Now we teach English as a second language to business people here. We came here for two or three years. We're still here....more


    Recession cooking, vegan (and non-vegan) recipes, and more....more

    Serenity's Giveaways!

    Welcome BlogHer Community!  Serenity's Giveaways is a place where we can Discover, Learn, Love and Share Goodies!  We want to discover new, fun, economical, efficient, green, frugal, yummy tasting, fun, homemade,  natural items and advice to learn about and share with all my lovely readers!...more

    Serial Cooking Blog

    Recipes, cooking tips and gadgets, handmade natural cosmetics. ...more

    Seriously Good

    Seriously Good began in the fall of 2003 as a site dedicated to food and recipes that gave me pause, dishes that demanded my attention, flavors that evoked passion -- food that is seriously good. Since then it has expanded to also include links to food-related articles I write for other Web publications such as food and culture at, peasant foods at, and food history at NPR's Kitchen Window. ...more

    Seriously Soupy

    Location Brooklyn United States See map: Google Maps Every week I create a new soup, test it out and write about it....more

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