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    Tate's Kitchen

    I am a wife and mother. Roughly translated this means I am taxi service, laundry service, walking ATM, housekeeper, head chef and quite often the Emergency Response Unit. Several years ago I quit a very long and crazy career. Came home, slept for a month then started cooking and that's pretty much what I've done since (there was also a wedding, pregnancy, childbirth, know...all the big important stuff) This blog is my journey through life as it exists, eating, entertaining and loving every minute of it...more

    Taty Bytes

    Taylorshocks Wordpress

    Taylorshocks Wordpress Blog has been in existence since May of 2008. The blog focuses mainly around social media, food & wine, restaurant reviews, pop culture and travel. Most of the reviews are satirical in nature and light hearted. I speak my mind and write as I speak - my blog has generated a lot of traffic and a very large following of fans over the course of almost 3 years....more


    I could list a million reasons why I love cooking, baking and everything in between. What I like best are the things I learn about myself, others and life in general when I am in the kitchen. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring and I can never really be sure what will come out of the oven, but that's why its TBD. The Best Dishes, like the best things in life happen by accident. I'm on a journey to learn all there is about food, and maybe, hopefully learn a few things about myself along the way. ...more

    Tea and Talk

    Lots of  tea related subjects with a sprinkling of talk about travel, books, crafts and various other interests....more

    Tea Pages

    Tea reviews, industry news, and random musings about my life.  Grab a cup and read on. ...more

    Tea Spot

    How to enjoy tea in and around New York City. ...more


    It's not life's illusions, but Life's Infusions, I recall. ...more

    Teach A Man To Fish: A Year of Pescetarian Parenting and Related Discoveries

    Pursuing a healthy diet and a healthy life....more

    Teach Your Child to Love Healthy Food

    Ways to teach children to love the taste of healthy food.  Based on research in the psychology of taste.  Great for parents of picky or fussy eaters, or parents who simply want their children to eat healthy, real food rather than junk food....more

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