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    We know that the majority of parents do not always have the luxury of going to the supermarket by oneself. Next time, when you make your trip to the grocery store think of it as a fun opportunity to connect with your child and encourage learning. ...more

    The Taradiddle and Twaddle of Motherhood

    It hit me today- like a slap in the face, kick in the pants, load of bricks dropped from above hit me. I am a mom to two toddlers! Hmmm... My first reaction was a smile that stretched my cheeks far higher than I normally allow. Then, as a I sat in my very hot car in front of Stater Bros, I felt a tiny bit of fear creep over me. Just a touch, like a nervous feeling you get when you are driving somewhere unfamiliar, worried you may become lost. I asked myself if I knew what I was doing, if I was ready for the road that lay ahead. The answer was ...more

    The (Un)Domestic Life

    Join me on my journey to domesticity....more

    The 1940s Experiment

    A wartime culinary journey to lose 100 lbs and recreate 100 recipes in just one year. Follow my progress through frequent blog postings, photographed recipes, video journals and before and after photos as I live 100% on a 1940's wartime rationed diet.. ...more

    The 21st Century Housewife

    Location 1 Clarendon Rise Reading RG31 6XX United Kingdom See map: Google Maps Inspiration, tips and trends for anyone who loves food, cooking, entertaining, fashion, travel & the finer things in life from April Harris, The 21st Century Housewife....more

    The 30 Minute Dinner Party

    The 30 Minute Dinner Party shows busy people how to connect through food. Find everything you need to confidently host a casual dinner party! We start with your house (what to keep in stock, how to set up dining space), help with the planning (real party planning in action walkthroughs, menus with step by step timing, recipes from around the globe), and show how to pull it off (essential cooking tips, hosting how-tos)....more

    The ABCDs of Cooking

    Hi, this is my recipe book. It's called the ABCD's of Cooking (ABCD = American Born Confused Desi). My cooking, like ABCD, is a hodgepodge of sorts - all vegetarian, a lot of South and North Indian, other influences from the US and around the world and recipes I've collected along the way.

    The Academic Chef

    Location Somerville, MA United States See map: Google Maps Ed.M. Higher Education and B.S. Management and Global Perspectives ... More importantly, I probably should've gone to cooking school. I grew up in a house where everything was made from scratch and thanks to my mother, I've inherited that attitude about cooking! While I love working in higher education, I have an equal love and passion for cooking. I'm here to share my recipes and cooking journey with you!...more

    The Actor's Diet

    Location Los Angeles, CA United States See map: Google Maps I'm Lynn Chen, an actress living in Hollywood.  “The Actor’s Diet” is my daily food journal, showing what I REALLY eat to stay looking camera-ready in a very superficial industry.  The blog started out on Blogger, in June of 2009.  Back then it was a joint project between me and my good friend, fellow actress and holistic health counselor Christy Meyers....more

    The Adirondack Chick

    A single girl living the Adirondack and NYC lifestyle who shares her advetnures in cooking, creating original vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes, entertaining, traveling, dogs, the outdoors and photography. ...more

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