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    Unexpected Delights

    A blog about food - wine - events - gifts - black dogs - and everything in between!! ...more

    UnNatural History

    The adventures of a writer and native Pennsylvanian transplanted to Silicon Valley. Notes on California (and Back East) landscape, history, and culture; plus discussions of writing, reading, music, God, food, politics, and whatever else seems like a good idea at the time. ...more

    Unplanned Cooking

    Real food, real cheap -- an author turned at home mom attempts to learn how to cook on a budget. ...more

    unsweetened cocoa

    Healthy, delicious recipes for the home cook with a focus on ease and simplicity...and saving some room for indulgant baked treats. ...more

    Uptown Small Town

    A Paradoxical Bio I’m a paradox. I am part small town girl– raised in a California mountain community of about 10 people where my dad was the volunteer firefighter and I was the resident ballerina/motorcycle rider– and part uptown girl having spent my adult life (thus far) moving across the country to live in cities such as: Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, and San Francisco. Apparently I can sit still only if I do it while moving around. ...more


    Urban Food Goddess

    Recipes, tips and ravings of a mad urban food fanatic who creates, eats, shares and loves global food without the big price tag....more

    Urban Hides

    Location Chicago, IL United States See map: Google Maps Urbanhides is a blog that follows me (Heidi) as I adjust and flourish while living in my first big city.  I am a Registered Dietitian with a love of food, health, and fitness who is having way too much fun living in a city with so many experiences at my fingertips. Follow along as I learn how to run further and faster, cook real foods, and find my place in this big city of Chicago.     ...more

    Urban Lace

    Urban Lace is about celebrating life through exploration and creativity.  ...more

    Urban Sacred Garden

    Location Louisville, KY United States See map: Google Maps Urban Sacred Garden is a spiritual resource blog dedicated to bringing you bits of inspiration and connection amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. In the grit, light and noise of the city we too easily lose connection with ourselves and each other. We can learn to reconnect to our core inner truth through eating good food, digging in the dirt, beginning eye-opening journeys, working in community circles, reading inspiring words, and creating a nest of sanctuary in our homes. Welcome to the garden....more

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