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    Waste Less Food

    Helping you use and re-use your leftovers and pantry items to save time and money!...more

    Watch Out for Mama

    Water & Chocolate

    Location Brazil See map: Google Maps Culinary adventures and cultural clashes: it´s the saga of a globalized career-oriented gringa becoming a Brazilian housewife....more

    Water Rolls Uphill

    Water Rolls Uphill details my adventures and failures as I raise three children, strive to be thrifty and nurture my husband's small business, while homeschooling and learning all manner of new homemaking and remodeling skills.  I am always doing my best to learn to be greener and to improve my parenting skills....more

    Waxing Kara

    We share recipes made with raw honey, some are very quick to prepare, some take a little more time....more

    Wayfaring Chocolate

    An Australian girl wandering through the United States and Europe, reporting back on the various adventures, chocolates, and fun moments I have along the way....more

    We are not foodies

    We are not foodies, but we love food (and drink). Since we don’t like the term foodie, because its connotations, we still aren’t sure what to call ourselves, since gourmand, epicurean and even ‘food bon vivant’ sound equally pretentious, and therefore all we can do is say 'We are not foodies'...more

    We Have Cupcakes

    This is a blog about cupcakes. All kinds of cupcakes. Yummy, yummy cupcakes. All recipes are mine unless otherwise stated. :) ...more

    We Keep Choosing Us

    Sharing my thoughts, ideas, rants, raves, feelings, experiences, vices, efforts, obsessions, hopes, fears, faith, love, failures, and achievements with anyone interested in reading the meandering mind and OCD tendencies of Tori. ...more

    We Mixed Our Drinks

    Woman, 25, East of England. Interests include feminism, music, Christianity, left-wing politics, writing, the great outdoors, running, literature, travelling, wine, plotting, the Mitford sisters, activism, food, films, interiors, fashion, history, reminiscing, journalism, old-fashioned beach and countryside holidays, pubs, talking, ranting and generally getting on my high horse about things. ...more

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