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    Intermittent postings from Canberra, Australia on Software Development, Space, Politics, and Interesting URLs. And of course, Brains... Oh, and did I mention I'm Intersexed, and was brought up as a Boy? Never did understand Men though. ...more
  • About Freelance Writing

    Jobs posted MWF, articles, community, fun. All about making more money with your freelance writing. Write well and often, Anne Wayman, now blogging at ...more

    So helpful! Thanks.

    I blog about my health and disability issues regularly at ...more

  • Across the Pacific

    This is a blog on entrepreunership, innovation, emerging markets and technologies, and women in ...more

    acting local

    acting local is the personal blog of a girl from Grand Rapids, Mich. who believes in the potential of local action to make big social change. ...more

    Actually Giving

    I’ve been a fundraiser for five years, and despite spending many hours a week persuading lots of other people to give, I was having a heck of a time actually giving myself.   So I've taken my personal philanthropy to the interwebs, where the public scrutiny is forcing me to become more generous.   I write about the overall trends in philanthropy and fundraising through the perspective of Me, Average Donor....more

    Adoption Talk

    Talking about adoption, birthparents, abandonment, race, and China with my kids. That's not all we talk about -- but reading this blog, you'll think it's all we do!!!!! ...more

    Advancing the Sum Total of Human Knowledge and Endeavour!

    Humans understand the world through stories. We explain what we see and experience to ourselves and to others by incorporating it all into stories. Whether they're stories masquerading as facts or opinions hidden within stories, understanding the way they're told and why they're told that way is a step towards better understanding of the world. ...more

    Adventure Journalist

    Adventures in Life

    This blog started as an online diary of our experiences living in Europe. Now that we're back in the States, it will just have to be a blog about plain old adventures...because in this life I know there will be excitement no matter where we reside! ...more

    Adventures in Motherhood

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