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    a k8, a cat, a mission

    I'm a feminist, anti-racism grad student. I try to write consistently about social change, especially in academia. However, you'll also find me writing about books, athletics, my life, and my minor ca ...more

    A Life of Giving

    Ponderings on the charitable world, adoption, and helping children in need.  One of two blogs from Love Without Boundaries, a worldwide group of volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and impoverished children in China. We provide humanitarian aid in six key areas-medical, education, nutrition, special assistance, healing homes and foster care-enabling children to receive a family through adoption or to become self-sustaining members of their communities. ...more

    A Life Set Free

      One Girl's Journey towards Freedom from Debt, Stuff, Location & the Status Quo.   Hi my name is Marianne (aka mar...more

    a long way from the Theta house

    Sometimes, we are given ministries we would not have asked for in a thousand years. This blog is all about mine. I am a stay at home mother of four and my husband runs an inner city ministry in Dallas. We live in the community, the ghetto, the hood, the place you most likely avoid when driving through our fair city. We love it. Seriously, love it. ...more

    A Lot of Layers

    I like to imagine myself as this layered person, like an onion, even if the layers are maddening. I enjoy peeling away parts of my ever-changing life plan that are less desirable (or aren't working) to expose parts that are shiny, fresh and new with promise. Sometimes the part I peel away unveils further craziness underneath. But I keep peeling, knowing I'll get to the good stuff eventually. Want to watch?...more

    A More Perfect Union

    Designed to provoke thought. A More Perfect Union is a place where rhetoric presides, asking the reader questions that they may have never thought of before. Offering a more "common sense" approach to the foundations of our government, and providing a forum for discussion among readers....more

    A Passion to Understand

    A passionate view of world events and a desire to understand them....more

    A Post Apocalyptic

    Blasting Reality. Killing Time.I am using this Place to Exercise my Demons. For they are lazy, fat and the only people they scare anymore are All-u-Can Eat Restaurant Owners and Off-Season Girl Scouts ...more

    A Princess In Cowboy Boots

    Legends of  a middle-aged cowgirl.  Reflections on pop culture, current events, family, makeup, fashion, life, politics, Downton Abbey and anything else that catches my fancy. ...more

    A Question of Perspective

    A creative kickstart. Participation encouraged. My name is Elisa DelBonis. I write stuff. Or, at least, I used to write stuff. ...more

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