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    Advocating Ethics

    Latest news & information for domestic violence/crime victim advocates, both paid and volunteer. ...more


    Aetiology is a web log discussing a wide variety of issues pertaining to the science of biology. While much of the focus is on the epidemiology of infectious disease or general microbiology, these are fields that lend themselves to discussion of a much wider range of topics: general epidemiology, vaccines, medicine, public health, pseudoscience, and politics, just to name a handful. ...more

    Africa | Critical Geography | Development Economics | Microfinance

    I Often Write About • Formal & informal financial services for the poor. What do we already know about the informally managed financial lives of the poor? How can this be used to create better formal financial services for them? • Econometrics & critical geography. When does econometric research succeed in systematizing & presenting information about poverty? How can a critical geographic perspective improve the questions asked by econometric researchers?...more


    Afrobella is a Website dedicated to product reviews, ruminations about style, and interviews with women all shades of beautiful. ...more

    Against My Better Judgement

    I’m an ADD girl-child turned community activist, I’d rather do than sleep. I’m an American expat living in Jerusalem. I got married and divorced young in a system that doesn’t pride itself on equal rights for women. I sing in a band, I play guitar in my living room. I get mad, I preach, I march, and I celebrate. I struggle with the irrationality of  the patriarchal system and finding the best path to social justice, personal justice and happiness....more

    Ahimsa Mama - One Moms Quest to Raise Peace-Loving, Tree-Hugging Citizens of the Earth

    Follow my ideas and musings about trying to raise socially conscious children in modern America. ...more

    Aimless Wanderings of a Meandering Mind

    Location Northern NY / Fort Drum United States See map: Google Maps Formerly Aimless Wanderings of a Fretful Mind. I'm not so fretful anymore....but my thoughts still meander. This is just another blog of a typical working class American family in a typical working class (and military) American town in Northern NY....more

    Ain HD: Honorable Discourse

    Multi-topic blog of a beautifully struggling writer, poet, journalist and budding novelist. ...more

    Aker: Futuristically Ancient

    Location New York City United States See map: Google Maps This blog is a dialogue between the past, present and future, placed in an afrofuturist and afrosurrealist context. It explores African diasporic cultures that are often not given as much mainstream attention as well as re-examines popular diasporic cultures through the afrofuturist and afrosurrealist perspectives....more

    Alabama Kitchen Sink

    Politics, race, religion, food, entertainment, legal issues, art, marketing and other musings. A Southern Baby Boomer rediscovers her roots in the Heart of Dixie. ...more

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