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    Educate Yourself Through Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

    This is a blog about how everything relates to the subject of Education. By learning and understanding about the world, we are able to better educate our students of all ages. ...more


    Crafty, Jewish, nerdy, fat, mommy. Got a problem with that?...more

    Egg Drop

    This is about the wait. This blog chronicles all the time, energy, and aniety I spend waiting for the egg. Some day soon one magical egg will connect with one frozen sperm (out of 5 to 10 million), and she will be fertilized! Until then, my life's time clock revolves around that tiny egg, and everything else has be re-framed by a new sense of being and time. ...more

    Egyptian Chronicles

    I am just Egyptian girl who lives in the present with the glories of the past and hopes in a better future for herself and for her country ...more

    Elashry Casa

    Is the life of a family with 3 languages, 3 cultures and 2 religions. Lots of fun!!!Come and see ...more

    Elect Women Magazine

    Politics site - providing political advice, information and resource for women running for office. ...more

    Elegantly Random

    The life and passions of a twenty-something, newly married and living life in the South. The arts, craft and design, politics, cooking, health and fitness and daily cynicism are all on the menu. ...more

    ellen stevens

    exploring life, God and the world around us ...more


    New Yorker magazine addiction, healthy-skepticism-style. Obsessive yet evenhanded critic Emily Gordon goes between the lines, covers, and issues of the magazine, examining current and vintage issues with equal vim. ...more

    Emily's World

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