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    Ethical Consumer

    Canadian online source for ethical, green, fair-trade and eco-friendly products and services available to consumers in Canada. ...more

    EV Moms

    An East Valley mom shares her triumphs and struggles in parenting while working full time....more
  • eVentures in Cyberland

    Location Washington, D.C. Metro United States See map: Google Maps eVentures in Cyberland: Through the Web 2.0 Looking Glass, and What Communicators Found There provides news, analysis, and advice on the field of communications in the Web 2.0 age. The site’s name is a play on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. It alludes to the fascinating—but sometimes wacky—ways Web 2.0 is changing the communications field. ...more

    If you have the time, please take a look at my ...more

    Every Day Is a Miracle

    I'm a full-time working mom with three beautiful boys, one born extremely early at 24 weeks. I blog about books, travel, politics and social justice, religion, fun, work-life balance, and family. ...more


    Starring a baby, new parents, and a whole lot of extras... ...more

    Everyday Chaos

    Everyday Chaos has recently followed my efforts to completely stop buying clothes made outside of the United States because of potential worker/human rights violations inherent in the garment industry.  I feature real information on where clothes and fabrics come from and what labor practices are used to make them, companies that manufacture in the United States, tutorials on how to make items that are too difficult to find made in the U.S....more

    Everyday Citizen

    A lively and informative blog covering human, economic, political, environmental and social conditions in our nation and world. ...more

    Everyday I Write the Book

    Blog devoted to reviews and recommendations of mostly current fiction books (with some non-fiction and classics thrown in as well). ...more

    Everyday Reasons

    a personal blog, tales of grad school, roomates, relationships, nonprofit internships, etc. ...more

    Everything Flows Onward

    Day to day, I do my best to live my own dharma. Feel free to follow me as I use the medium of yoga to learn a thing or two about life and  discover new ways express the divinity within. ...more

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