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    Feminism, food, fact and fiction. ...more

    A blog just for discerning moms in Fairfield County, Connecticut! Come visit to learn about all the great activities, events, shops and restaurants that you won't read about in mainstream media. ...more


    This is my blog about life, the universe, and everything.  Actually it's a little bit nerdy, a little bit heartfelt, and a lot a bit passionate.  I'm a first year teacher, wife, wannabe mom, friend, mentor, and crazy person.  I talk about political issues, opinions, random crazy things that happen to me, and the kids i love.  As an English/Language Arts teacher, and wannabe author, there's also lots of info about books on there.  Stop by and enjoy!...more

    Family Law Professors Blog

    Farai Chideya

    Farai Chideya is a journalist and author who has worked for Newsweek, NPR and MTV, where she helped lead that network's "Rock the Vote" coverage. Her weblog records her thoughts about media issues as ...more

    Fausta's blog

    Location Princeton, NJ United States See map: Google Maps Blogging about the intersection of American and Latin American news, politics, history and culture....more

    FEAST: Books, art, food, film, and travel

    FEAST the blog offers delicious postings about books, art, food, film, and travel on an everchanging basis. You won't necessarily find best-sellers here--I started the blog and the eZine of the same name because I felt so many book reviews seemed bent on pointing out what was WRONG, being critical. I wanted to share wonderful finds with my readers, great stories, mind-expanding art, and less usual places to visit when traveling. ...more


    Feminism 2.0 brings together the leadership of major women’s advocacy organizations and online women’s communities to further the connection between today’s issues and women’s voices. Feminism2.0 is intended for all women interested in better policy for women, families and society.   Fem2.0 Goals: To harness the power of women on the Internet to promote women’s issues. ...more

    Feminist Blogs

    Femme au Foyer

    Location France Originally from Chicago, in November of 2010 I arrived in France with my husband, my infant son, two cats and five suitcases. This is the diary of a Latvian-American living in central France....more

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