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    Here We Are with Luci

    The Busy Woman's Guide to a Better, Brighter, Easier Lifestyle on Our Way To Running the World! ...more

    HeyMonicaB: A Blooming Resource on Ayurveda

    Ayurveda means, "The knowledge of life." Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic healing science that focuses on the balance of the mind, body and spirit. When these three are in harmony, there is health. The nifty thing about Ayurveda is that it focuses on treating the individual, not the disease. One size does not fit all. We are each made of unique combinations of the 5 great elements (space, air, fire, water, earth) and depending on what YOU are made of, will depend on how you manage your life. ...more

    Holdin' Out for a Hero

    On Aug. 29, 2009, I began a year-long journey to find a national public spokesperson for people with Spina Bifida. At "Holdin' Out for a Hero," I chronicle my daily realities with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Spina Bifida is the primary cause of paralysis in children in America, and is more common than muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and cystic fibrosis COMBINED. "Holdin' Out" is my daily attempt to shed light on this condition, educate individuals about it, and try to find "heroes" for this cause....more

    Holler At Your Girls

    A creative outlet for women journalists ...more

    Holli's Ramblings

    My cheek is smudged with red clay. African soil keeps me grounded, dirty, alive. Gives me perspective and cause for alarm. Dusty, wet, preoccupied by irony and deceit, beauty and angst, the fragile and the strong. Beads of sweat trickle down my spine over time and through the valleys of this continent for over a decade. I could escape it but only tangibly. The unmistakable pattern of living this life in this place is a tattoo etched on my psyche, coarsing through my veins. Forever. ...more

    Hollie After Dark

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps A blog of Hollie's musings about politics and stuff....more

    Honjii's Harangues

    The world according to Honjii. I think outside the box. I write about politics, religion vs atheism, evolution vs creation, social commentary, humor, satire, sarcasm, stupidity, or just whatever strikes my fancy to rant or comment about. ...more

    Hoopla Happens

    Rants on culture by Crimea River, writer and editor ...more


    A health blog, a mommy blog, a family blog, a humorous blog, a blog about sex, drugs and rock n roll...minus the rock n roll, very little sex and the drug are all's about when a life-changing event actually changes you for the better. My daughter's diagnosis of cancer at 2 years old rocked our world and it has transformed the way i laugh, cry and take the balls of crap life bombards us with. ...more

    How to Ask for Money: Empowering professional women to ask for--and get--the money they deserve

    Overcome your fears, embrace your leadership qualities, and start asking for the money you deserve. Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and nonprofit executives can all benefit from clearing out old attitudes and values around asking for money. Starting getting what you deserve now!...more

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