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    I art a day.

    The not quite daily place for art, ideas, photographs, opinions, sketches & experiences. ...more

    I Heart Tech

    Helping Lawyers (and other people too) improve their Technology Relationships One Tip at a Time. ...more

    I Never Signed Up For This

    I was born a Democrat.  Party affiliation was served along with the canned vegetables I was forced to eat for dinner.  My first crush was on John Kennedy.  I went to Washington to work for George McGovern against Nixon, and in the middle of chemotherapy I put on my wig and took my daughter to meet Bill Clinton and Al Gore.  In my blogs on the Huffington Post, my politics are an open book.  But I am harboring a secret.  And with the election almost upon us, I can't wait much longer to confess. ...more

    I'm Gina Smith

    I'm Gina Smith, the blog, has been up since 2003. I named it after my typical sign off on Good Morning America or World News Tonight -- for ABC News, I'm Gina Smith. Now, I'm a full-time author -- two books on stands now. ...more

    I'm Here....Really

    Be where you are...really where you are. To get the most from each moment, you have to be fully present in each moment. One day we will all have to give an account for what we did with every second we were given. ...more

    I'm Not Vanilla, I'm Rocky Road

     I have a fascination, nearly an obsession with the vanilla-ing of our young women. This is a blog for tween and teenage women and those who love and influence them. Let's explore your flavor....more


    From a lawyer with very high ideaphoria, thoughts and resources related to the legal profession and other aligned topics. ...more

    Ideally speaking...

    Parenting, fashion, the environment, politics and life in general. All from my point of view. Mildly naïve & wildly idealistic....more

    If She Cry Out

    If She Cry Out is dedicated to transforming wider society and inspiring our common search for meaning using the insights of survivors of rape, terror attacks and other very serious crimes.  Survivors have ventured to the edge of human experience, to places none of us travel willingly.  They come back with answers to questions that have fascinated and puzzled us for millenia: human nature, hope, life, forgiveness and the very nature of justice.  They come with fresh vision to culture, media, the environment and one-on-one relationships......more

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