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    J.D. Moms

    We are three lawyer moms with seven kids under the age of 5. Because we weren’t busy enough (yeah right), we’ve decided to blog about our adventures balancing babies and the billable hour....more

    Jacksonville TV Examiner Samantha Holloway

    All the beautiful TV-themed posts I make for Examiner, covering topics from why Androids are creepy to how tv works. ...more

    James McPherson's Media & Politics Blog

    This blog considers issues related to the mass media and the political process, particularly as those two intersect. I have an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in journalism, history and political science, have authored two books, and am a university professor who teaches media studies, media history, and women in media. The blog is now two years old, with more than 360 individual posts. Among the highlights: In June 2008, a couple of months before either presidential candidate had chosen his running mate, I suggested Joe Biden and Sarah Palin....more

    Jana's Journeys

    Bikes. 'puters, and God, all in one source ...more

    Jane Devin - There's Always More to the Story

    Telling the part of the story not often told in the media. The undercurrent of people, politics, and social issues. ...more

    Jasmyn Cannick

    Jasmyn Cannick ...more

    Jaya Kula

    Jaya Kula (Jai•ya Koo•la) is a nonprofit spiritual organization in Portland, Oregon for people interested in learning about authentic Tantra and discovering more of life’s infinite potential. Grounded in the Indian tradition of Kashmir Shaivism and the teachings of Sat Guru Sri Anandamayi Ma, Jaya Kula exists to support its community and all people in the natural process of unfoldment toward Self-realization. ...more

    Jayne Blog

    Jayne Blog (Volunteerism, Nonprofit Tech, Civil Society, etc.)

    A blog by Jayne Cravens, primarily focused on volunteer management / community involvement, tech use by nonprofits / NGOs, and outreach strategies for nonprofits/NGOs/mission-based organizations. There are also personal postings regarding travel, causes Jayne supports (such as women's rights issues), etc. ...more

    JB Lang Bloggers

    Women need to make it known, through their quiet, calm confidence and respect that they are the most powerful decision makers about faith, family and our country. This site is meant to be a leading information hub for women to become Empowered to take control …. plus some fun stuff!!!...more

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