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    K.M. O'Sullivan

    Writer K.M. (Kelly) O'Sullivan's blog about feminism, sexism, and equality from the perspective of the happily imperfect modern day woman and parent....more


    Blog, about a Brazilian Girl who lives in Ireland with her Irish Boy Friend and Two Kids....more

    Kansas Free Press

    By writing about the places, local events, politics and, especially, the people of Kansas, our journalists hope to coax others into a meaningful public conversations about our way of life and the future of Kansas. Our writers are chiefly interested in examining what the people of Kansas value most and how we, our communities and our governments respond to those values. Many of our journalists desire to exercise their 1st Amendment rights by gathering information about what happens in school board meetings, community events, county commission meetings or in the state legislature....more

    Karasma Media Legal Marketing Blog

    Kara works with legal marketers to create a more clearly defined focus and distinctive business strategy that will provide them with a competitive advantage for new business, higher reputation recognition, and enhance their ability to attract, win, and retain the clients they really want. ...more

    Kat with a K

    I write mostly about books, knitting, and food, with some politics and random other things thrown in. Oh, and, of course, the occasional picture of my cat. ...more

    Kat's Mewsings

    I'm a 26 year old woman living in rural Ontario... I am write to keep myself sane and hopefully offer a little sanity and laughter to the other 20-somethings (and anyone else for that matter) out there who's lives didn't turn out exactly as they imagined upon graduation. I write about my life, my loves (Richard, my family, books, politics, entertainment and style)... I try to keep posts positive and insightful in the hopes that my blog may make someone's day a little easier. ...more

    Kate McLaughlin, Writer, Speaker Mental Health Advocate

    These are the goals on •Be Loving.•Educate, Encourage, Empower those affected by mental illness•Abolish mental illness myths & misunderstandings•Eradicate stigma surrounding diseases of the brain•Write Creatively. Speak provocatively. Live passionately•Inspire Hope Kate McLaughlin combines personal experience and a positive attitude with current research and proven strategies to write, speak and advocate about all things mental health (and other equally important stuff). ...more


    criminal justice and drug war reform, mental health advocacy, politics, sexuality, things that are funny, culture, and everyday life. ...more

    Kasey’s Cure is a nonprofit organization providing monetary assistance for veterinary care for dogs with a curable medical condition. Kasey’s Cure was established to make the decision easier for dog owners facing the high cost of veterinary medial care. Our blog discusses current pet related issues, pending legislation and animal questions and concerns. ...more

    Katie Rogers Writes

    Pop culture and general musings from a young journalist. ...more

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