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    Marketing for Nonprofits

    Because of the Internet, people who often live on the edges (minorities, women, folks with less than enough resources) NOW HAVE THE POWER to share their unique stories and be heard. This is the great opportunity of our "Connected Age." I hope my blog educates and inspires more folks to use the Internet to advocate, collaborate, fundraise - in short, change the world! ...more

    Marketing Mojo With Stephanie Fierman

    Your doubleshot of information and entertainment from the world of marketing. ...more

    Married to a Medical Student

    Our life in Springfield including my life as a young attorney, and my husbands journey through medical school and applying for residency ...more

    Mary Katherine Photography

    Photographs of everything and everyone I come in contact with that give a glimpse into the enormous group I call a family as well as people I have had the opportunity to call a friend. ...more

    Maryanncp Weblog

    I’m Mary Ann Strain, C.P., a Passionist Sister. I help represent the Passionists at the United Nations in New York City and write about the issues I work on there. ...more

    Maryland Trial Lawyer

    My blog concentrates in broad strokes on the legal system, new case law, news, politics and other relevant issues relating to family law, including custody, domestic violence and divorce.  Other topics include: civility, sociopaths, and heroes.  Drama, legal humor, pithy videos and my rants all combine for a good read. ...more

    Masala Chica

    "Masala" is a term used in Indian cooking to describe a combination of spices, ingredients and flavors.I like my food with lots of spice and flavor, and think life should be lived the same way. Every day is just a little more interesting when you mix in some unexpected ingredients ....more

    Mature Landscaping

    Surveying the landscape of senioricity (I made that word up) with an eye to the foolishness of it all. Examining aging with dry Southern wit and a psychotherapist's insight.  Encouraging my sixty-something peers to experiment with vegan and vegetarian nutrition to promote sustainable agriculture and better senior health.  ...more

    Maya's Adventures: Life in India through the eyes of an English three year old

    Maya is 3 and she is a wonderful, inquisitive, sensitive, imaginative little girl. Her parents are relocating to India for a while and her mother, Rebecca (that's me!) hit upon the idea to write a Maya blog while we are away. The last thing I want this to be seen as is that I am speaking for Maya - I think the emotions she will experience will be so intense and varied - but what I do want to do is keep a record for her of her time there. I hope she will retain some memories of her time in India but, being ...more

    Maybe I'm Just Lazy: One Woman's Journey Through MS and Life

    In September '07, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In an effort to maintain my sense of humor while integrating this new reality into my life, I started this blog, which has become my public journal, an opinion column, and a rough draft for my book. MS prompted this project but it's also about life in general. My life, that is. I welcome comments--even the negative ones. They make me think. (Although I think more of those with names attached.) ...more

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