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    Maybe I'm Just Lazy: One Woman's Journey Through MS and Life

    In September '07, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In an effort to maintain my sense of humor while integrating this new reality into my life, I started this blog, which has become my public journal, an opinion column, and a rough draft for my book. MS prompted this project but it's also about life in general. My life, that is. I welcome comments--even the negative ones. They make me think. (Although I think more of those with names attached.) ...more

    McBride Family Blog

    I wonder what will happen next... As a mega-family... Who has 3 bio kids, 2 adopted Haitian kids and is in process to adopt 1 more! ...more

    Me vs. the Windmills

    I’m just an uncertain recent college graduate, running around starting fights with imaginary giants. But then again when you’re only 4′10″, the whole world looks like giants. By that I mean I'm trying to work out how to be a real girl. I think about things, try to be funny, and it ends up here. ...more

    Meaningful Matters

      CharityChoice Gift Cards and Programs are an innovative and meaningful way to give a charitable gift....more

    Media and Cultural Studies

    blog in Portuguese Language. (I´m already working to finish English version). Papers, books, events, links, blogs about media and culture to help students at UFRN (northeast university in Brazil). ...more

    Media by Sistrunk

    Media by Sistrunk offers a lively forum on a number of topics related to journalism, public relations and urban affairs. Deb Sistrunk, the site's publisher, is pursuing dual careers in communications and education. ...more

    Media Mayhem

    Media and journalism blog by Emily Sweeney, president of the Society of Professional Journalists' New England chapter. ...more

    Media Moves: A blog about Latinos in the news industry and the issues that affect the business

    Veronica Villafañe tracks developments in the Spanish-language segment of the news industry, as well as among Latinos in the English-speaking segments of the industry. ...more

    Media, Music, Magic & Mayhem by Melissa Jun Rowley ...more


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