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    Jo White's blog about Media. Focusing on social media and its somewhat turbulent relationship with traditional media. Also lots of peripheral postings about home, family and education experiences from a Start-up Widow who has made the move across the ocean from Sydney to Boulder. ...more

    Megan's Minute

    My blog is a humourous critique of media, television, celebrities, pop culture and everyday lifestyles. ...more
  • megolomaniac

    Definition: Megolomania (from the Greek word μεγoλομανία) is a historical term for behavior characterized by the delusional belief that a blog about one's life is of interest to others - often generally termed as delusions of grandeur. ...more

    I think this is a description mainly used by rock bands. I've not really heard that used on ...more

    Melanie Phillip's Diary

    Melinda Joy: Living, Laughing, Loving

    A little bit of everything - travel/restaurant reviews, book and music reviews, life stores, non profit blog posts, company promotions, recipe reviews and suggestions, cooking fiascos and successes, DIY home repairs and remodeling and more!...more

    Melivision: Media, Music, Magic, & Mayhem by Melissa Jun Rowley

    Melivision: Media, Music, Magic, & Mayhem by Melissa Jun Rowley ...more


    Simple, Practical Ways to Live Justice Everyday ...more

    meryl's notes

    Mi Blogazine

    Launched in January 2009, Mi Blogazine was started by Johanna Torres, editorial founder and former Editor-in-Chief of Siempre Mujer magazine. Mi Blogazine is a respite in the tangled up web of information that today's Latina finds herself within as she surfs the internet. Intended as a place where good ideas come together, this daily Spanish language blog aims to be the positive and uplifting note in her day....more

    Michelle Malkin

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