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    Mom on the Rise

    My Life. My Family. My World. My Thoughts. That's all. Somtimes I am insightful. Sometimes I'm silly. Most of the time I'm rambling. ...more


      A mom-blog with a political flair. I write about my perspective as a liberal, feminist, commie, pinko mom doing her best to raise a sane, kind, compassionate child in a world that runs short on sanity, compassion and kindness. I try to be polite about it but sometimes I fail miserably. I also write about my son, commuting, trashy tv,  books, and whatever else crosses my mind....more


    I'm trying to list my blog with ya'll. it's called Momastery at Not sure what I'm supposed to enter in this "body part" since I already listed the url and title in the first two boxes...but it's making me write something to submit. Hmmm... I'm 5'2", 110 pounds...I used to have boobs but they disappeared after baby 3...umm...sort of a bubble butt...jiggly thighs....i hope this is enough about my body. Glennon ...more

    Mombian: Sustenance for Lesbian Moms

    Mombian offers a mix of parenting, politics, diversions, and resources to strengthen and sustain lesbian moms in all their varied roles. ...more

    Moments with Megan

    "An independent twenty-something girl and her pursuit of happiness...or at least satisfaction" Post topics vary, but are mostly about etiquette, dating, New Orleans, the Quarter-Life Crisis, and homemaking. ...more

    Mommies are people, too

    This is a blog about being mom, a wife, a student, activist, feminist, Latina in the south trying to balance it all....more

    Mommified Me

    i'm a simple mommy in a complicated world... or maybe a complicated mommy in a simple world. i love my daughter, my husband, my friends & my home. i seek a happy life with a nice balance of the crazed me that was and the mommy me that is. ...more

    Mommy Nine Times

    This blog is about the everyday life of a mom with nine children in the house.  It includes posts about the  laughs, the sorrows, the trials and triumphs, the craziness and the chaos, the messes, the sweet moments, some organizational tips and inspirations, craft projects, homeschooling,  and marriage.  The reasons I blog is to record my family's happenings in the moment, and to hopefully inspire others along the way.  Having a large family can be challenging, for sure, but it is also such a blessing and so much fun!...more

    Mommy Reporter is a mom-to-mom resource of news and information for mothers.  Desiree Peeples, aka "Mommy Reporter," is a multimedia journalist who focuses on motherhood, family, and children. ...more

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