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  • Newsy1's Blog

     Fact based opinion blog loosely based on current news, old news or news that shouldn't even be news. Yes, I sometimes rant and rave, but I do it with humor. I'm an ex-newspaper reporter and editor of many years that bemoans the passing of many great newspapers, so I substitute reading and writing blogs. ...more


    NGO BLOG VLOG For environmental justice and sustainable future

    We at SHALIN ry are seeking for the best solution on setting up a blog and vlog- I have checked moveable type but I am lost in the jargon. I would like NGOs to blog with unique addresses like, anyone with ideas on how this can work? ...more

    Nikita the traveller

    I am a Canadian who has previously lived in France and in Mexico, and will soon be moving to Hong Kong. Join me on my travel adventures! ...more

    No Blood for Hubris

    Freestyle liberalesque socio-political blog avec a modicum of snark. ...more

    No Bu**Sh** Zone

    I don't have much time but I blog because I care. I try to share important information and petitions to HELP people be informed and take action. Sometimes we feel so helpless, but we can all do some more for OUR common good. One of my concerns is election fraud which has resulted in so much tragedy for US and our world over the last almost 8 years. ...more

    No Dowry

    I started No Dowry because I was genuinely excited about getting married but fear becoming "That Girl" in the process. I chronicled the wedding planning process from a DIY/feminist perspective. Now I'm going to use No Dowry to chronicle my transition into the life of a "grown up"-- covering topics such as marriage, work, travel, politics and food/culture. ...more

    No Duty to Retreat

    A starving writer turned law student details her adventures in those hallowed halls of the law. ...more

    No Minivan

    A Midwestern bottle redhead without her filter switch. Politics, news, family, religion (or lack thereof), sex, celebrities, fashion, work, parenting, you name it and I talk about it. I'm finally a mom to two boys after years of infertility treatment, but just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I have to drive like one. No minivan! ...more

    No Minivan, Just Moxie

    Savvy Mommy Victoria Pericon joins the blog world with "No Minivan, Just Moxie", a blog about her life as a journalist while raising three children in Manhattan although she seems to rest her head on ...more

    No Postage Required

    I take the No Postage Necessary/Required envelopes and send back interesting pictures, or articles i come across. i list what i sent, and why in this blog - topics range from drink recipes, and immigration or reproductive health news to independent artists, and new music and washington DC events.  ...more

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