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    My views on living in the UK as an American ex-pat, losing weight, trying to find a balance between exercise and food, attempting to accept my new-found love of running (and run more) and the differences and challenges I face. ...more

    Ogling Uganda

    A Canadian reporter's adventures working in Uganda and East Africa. From wars to disease to incredible people, my hope is to give people a look into a world they want to learn more about. ...more


    Who needs a Ph.D when you've got OCD and ADHD? :)...more

    Ojibway Migisi Bineshii

    Ojibway Migisi Bineshii has a mission to inform you of the news stories and information regarding Aboriginal, First Nations, Indigenous and Native people worldwide. The specific focus is shinned on woman and healing within these communities. Ojibway Migisi Bineshii will also be offering an abundance of creative expression in the form of poetry. ...more


    Journalist moms at The Oregonian in Portland working for you ...more

    On a Learning Journey

    Balancing motherhood and a professional life. Sharing what I learn along the journey....more

    On Being Both

    Interfaith Parent, Interfaith Child: Notes from a Hybrid Universe ...more

    On Race and Privilege

    My name is Jess.  In the interest of full disclosure: I'm a 25 year old Chinese American, student activist, past labor activist, and I'm currently a medical student.  I'm queer. I'm a radical. I grew up in a mostly white suburb and my parents are white collar workers.  I don't eat meat.  But I miss it sometimes. This blog is a place where I can write my thoughts.  On race. On privilege. On class.  Part of the endless struggle to become a little bit more enlightened and a little less alienated. Agree with me.  Call me out. ...more

    On The Issues Magazine

    On The Issues Magazine is a progressive, feminist online magazine. It is updated with themed issues quarterly, and weekly in the Cafe section of the site....more

    On The Rodeo Road

    Our blog is dedicated to the sport or Rodeo. We follow rodeo competitors, update on rodeo news and throw some funny stories in there as well! We like to know what is happening inside the arena and out, so stop by and see what is happening in Rodeo. We do focus on women in rodeo, and they are amazing competitors!...more

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