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    Palin Pundit

    Location California United States See map: Google Maps Contemporary politics with a lens on the "Sarah Palin" image and phenomenon....more
  • palmerbennett

    Location @ home Raleigh, NC United States See map: Google Maps My writing is filled with witty situations and realizations that relay my truth as a single, working mother of biracial heritage....more

    I've just discovered this world and am already in love! Speaking of love...I hope you'll take ...more

    Pam's Coffee Conversation

    Welcome to my kitchen table. Pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee and let's talk about whatever's on our minds. Politics, the environment, religion, sex, the economy, race relations -- all of the subjects our mothers once told us to avoid in polite company. Nothing should be off the table between friends. ...more



    personal development and universal philosophies.... ...more
  • Paradise Preoccupied

    Views of the world from a tiny African island through the eyes of an expat island-dwelling, impatient and opinionated wife, mother, writer, adoption advocate, sun-worshipping ...more

    Paradise Preoccupied follows adoption issues and news of the world from a sun-drenched veranda ...more

    ParalegalGateway's Weblog

    Oldest Paralegal-specific blog on the world wide web and a branch of its main site This blog features Paralegals making news. ...more

    Parenthetical Thoughts

    26, just married, detailing my journey to figure out WTF I am doing with my life and the distractions along the way.   ...more



    Find the latest news, info and features that impacts parents at Twitter @parentsdesk FB

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