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    R.E.F.O.R.M. Talk

    We are adoptive parents that want to RALLY to stop the recruitment of children for adoption as well as to expose areas of adoption other groups have not. We want to reform a system that has been based upon industry marketing fallacies and is currently lacking regulation and enforcement. We will insist upon support for those affected by child welfare and adoption. We report news, commentary and analyses of all things in the child welfare, foster care and adoption world. ...more

    Rachel L. Richard // He Restores My Soul...

    I am married to my wonderful husband, John. We have two wonderful kids, Ethan and Erin....more


    This is the blog of a 20 something year old wife, student, nursing assistant, and momma to two mini dachshunds. ...more

    Rad Geek People's Daily

    Is this your blog? If so, please claim it by listing your blog. ...more, a Filipina American community publicist in ethnic media (Filipino, Indonesian, Punjabi/South Asian)

    I help individuals, small business professionals, and community-based organizations understand the basics of blogging and social media tools from a non-techie perspective (right-brained) so they can take ownership of their online presence and give voice to their thoughts and insights, programs, and activities. As a community publicist, my celebrities are the Filipino, Indonesian, and Punjabi communities in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. ...more

    RAINN Forcast For May


    Raise Your Voice

    A blog about my opinions/experiences as an Indian, living in the U.S. ...more

    Raising a Revolutionary (who listens to her mama)

    Single mama Portland journalist raising a authority-questioning, eco-conscious daughter to be a strong woman who's not afraid to think for herself. ...more

    Raising Boys

    A sneak peek into the life of a working mom to two boys and the adventures she faces in her male-centered world. ...more

    Raising Generation O

    Raising Generation O: The End of Irony in American Family life is about how 2 cynical, ironic Gen X parents got involved again in American Political life, and what happened when they brought their school age children with them.  It's a blog about educating the youngest children about American history,civic life, and community service, and it offers suggestions about how, in the wake of President Obama's historic election, parents can get their children involved in this vital aspect of education. ...more

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