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    Safety Matters and Other Thoughts by Jennifer P. Toney

    Jennifer P. Toney is CEO and Founder of WeMakeItSafer (, a startup designed to build collaboration among consumers, manufacturers and retailers around issues of product safety.   The primary purpose of the Safety Matters blog is to provide health and safety information to consumers that will enable them to better protect their families, while providing tools and resources to companies that will help them to better protect their customers and comply with safety laws. ...more

    Sagacious Rambling

    A daily dose of my perspective - news, politics, religion, family life, moral and social issues. If it's important to's important to me ...more

    Sagittarian Dreams

    SD is a generalist blog.  It discusses lifestyle, family, travel, culture and contemporary issues, some of which may be political, but it is not a political blog.  I really don't know how to categorize it.  At any given moment, it may contain recipes, travel tips, cultural encounters, recommendations for books to read, sites of interest visited or to visit, etc.   It may also contain thoughts about philosophical or historical issues, ecological topics ... ...more

    Sahara Occidental, un desierto bajo la ocupación

    Solange Márquez Espinoza Un muro de arena divide un territorio que hoy tendría que ser libre. Más de 2 mil kilómetros de arena y piedras dividen los territorios ocupados por Marruecos de los llamados territorios liberados. Miles de soldados marroquíes vigilan estas barreras minadas para evitar el paso de los saharauis a su territorio; un territorio que Marruecos ocupó en 1975: el Sahara Occidental. ...more


    Ruminations on technology, media, culture, politics and more, from someone who has written professionally about all of them. ...more

    Sally Walker

    Author, journalist, mum blogger, housework hating housewife and slave to chocolate... ...more


    Meet Social Edge blogger Leila Chirayath Janah. She is a former management consultant who decided, after stints at the World Bank and various NGOs, that the development establishment wasn't for her. She is a self-proclaimed junkie for instant gratification and feels that the lag time between a policy shift or a large infrastructure project and increased income for poor people is unbearable. She launched Samasource to help poor people sell their services to a global client base.  Follow along as she shares her social entrepreneur story. ...more
  • San Jose Project Linus

    I'm one darn proud blogger to say that my mom has a blog for her all-volunteer chapter of ...more

    Sand Gets in My Eyes

    I am an American, an expat, a woman, a mother and a wife. I live in Saudi Arabia, and my experiences as all those things are markedly different because of this place I call home. Please join me in seeking out, exploring and exposing those differences - and my reactions to them - through a little thing I call Sand Gets In My Eyes.  ...more

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