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    We'll Know When We Get There

    Web Women Giving Circle

    The Web Women Giving Circle is a group of professionals dedicated to leveraging and pooling their individual talents and resources to make a positive impact worldwide. We are presently raising donations for CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. ...more

    Webs of Significance

    In writing this blog, I seek to bring out my inner Pollyanna and share with others those elements which make for the sunny side of life. Consequently, this blog's contents tend to comprise topics which I'm passionate about (e.g., Hong Kong movies, travel experiences, museums, books, favorite eats, libations, and Arsenal football club) and/or can see the funny side of (e.g., linguistic foibles and cross-cultural mis-interpretations along with Hello Kitty and her ilk). ...more


    My blog Web@Work brings you news, new thinking and new ways to work the Web for a better world. It's published by an Asian-based editor and publisher who writes with an insider's feel of Asia. ...more

    Weekly SciFi TV Roundup

    Not-quite regular blogs about all the scifi (and horror and fantasy) I can cram into my head each week, my opnions, and my takes on them. ...more
  • Welcome to My Brain

    I'm crazy in love with the God that made me, and the hot, bald man He gave me. Our family is a backwards Oreo - a bunch of pasty white people, with a gorgeous black girl in the middle. Two of my kids have Tourette Syndrome. One also has OCD, and the third has food allergies! I finally got my nose pierced when I was 34. I'm one of the funkiest pastor's wives on the planet (if I do say so myself). I'm a pseudo-crunchy, child of the 80's, democrat/republican, God lovin', tree side-hugger, dance-on-the-sofa, flat-chested, guitar-playin', parental type. I am gorgeous. I am art. ...more

    I have a 12 year old son with Tourettes and OCD.  I'm trying to figure out this whole ...more

    Welcome to the Dollhouse

    Welcome to my schizophrenic blog that seeks to be all things to me. From infertility & miscarriage, to adoption. From feminism, black politics, righteous ranting, humor, recovery and addiction, to my passion for knitting. This is my home. I hope you enjoy your visit. The moral of life is: There is no fucking plan! ...more

    Well Above Average

    Rants and raves, facts and fiction, amusing musings and random assorted thoughts. Or more accurately--a way for us to procrastinate when we both have much better things to do with our time! ...more

    what a cup of tea

    Counting and Colorblindness ...more

    What About Our Daughters?

    Was anyone else discouraged after Oprah’s Town Hall Meeting ? I think there plenty of us that are equally outraged about the portrayal of African American women in popular culture . Now we need to get organized. It is time to DEFUND THE WAR ON BLACK WOMEN! Period. End of discussion. This isn’t about artistic expression. This is about capitalism. People have a right to basically say whatever they want to, but I don’t have to subsidize it in any way. Hence the term “starving artist.” ...more

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