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    Worldchanging is a collaborative project written by 30 contributors around the world. We practice solutions-based journalism, focusing on the innovations, ideas and inventions that have the power to build a more sustainable, prosperous, brigh green future. ...more

    WORTH Women Ending Poverty: Notes from the field

    This blog chronicles the success stories of WORTH, a global women's empowerment program with headquarters at the NGO Pact, Inc. Pact's WORTH program has the goal to reach one million of the world's poorest women by 2011 with community banking services. ...more

    woven word

      Oh my rocks. Those things are called rocks you know. Or more formally, stones. And they are made from granite. Imagine all those countertops.Curling was entertaining. It was amusing. Now it's annoying. Every time we turn on the TV, it's more curling. Our Canadian friends keep telling us it's one of the most popular "sports" in the world, just not in the U.S. Really? It's like shuffleboard. It's on television in Canada ALL DAY LONG....more

    Write the Journey: Motherhood, Peace and Politics

    A Pacific Northwest stay-at-home mom and freelance writer blogs on parenting, peace and politics. ...more

    Writer Heather

    This is my writing blog and it's about anything to do with writing, freelance writing, journalism, celebrity journalism, and whatever gives me inspiration.  It's also a blog about me, so it contains a couple pages about my background.   I've been freelancing since 2006, having written for online, print, and broadcast media since then.  I've been in the media for 12 years and I still love it to this day.  ...more


    Writerquake. Now the words are tumbling ...more

    Writes Like She Talks

    A brain dump receptacle for moments when I just can't talk about my kids anymore. ...more

    Writing is Fighting

    A journal about race,music,canadian politics and commentary on pop culture ...more


    This blog is about copywriting using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices so a website will... Get Found. Get Read. Of course, that leads to 'site stickiness", lead generation and new business! Topics include SEO writing, SEO design, keyword research, social media, ethics, metrics and more. ...more

    Writng with Debra

    A place where I will share my writing and thoughts....more

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