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    All Things Jennifer

    http://www.allthingsjennifer.com ...more

    Almost, But Not Entirely

    A blog about a woman who ALMOST has her life in order, is ALMOST sure of her dreams, and has ALMOST found comfort in who she is. ...more

    Amazing Women In History

    all the kick-ass women the history books left out...more

    Amendment 19

    Amendment 19 serves as a forum to expand discourse on social justice through the education and empowerment of women....more

    American Baby Plan in London

    This weekly blog follows one American 29 year old girl married to a British man and living in London as they work toward buying their first home in preparation for their first child. This blog covers relevant topics such as the recession in the US and UK, unemployment, student debt, the property market, and personal finance....more

    American Samizdat

    In the final decades of the former Soviet Union, a vibrant underground literature emerged as dissident writers circulated their own work and gradually reached larger audiences.  They called it self-publishing, or Samizdat, and it made a major contribution to the eventual downfall of the Soviet Union.  ...more

    Amy King's Blog

    Brooklyn-based poet, Amy King, monologues on poetry, politics, pop culture, people of the living variety (mostly), and passion a la a burning desire. Peace peeps. "Star-light, what is star-light, star-light is a little light that is not always mentioned with the sun, it is mentioned with the moon and the sun, it is mixed up with the rest of the time." --Gertrude Stein, "Tender Buttons" ...more

    An Anonymous Voice

    This is my life. Dirty, messy, most times unpleasant. Touching on court, police, my therapy, PTSD, and everything else....more

    An Arrow A Day

    I look at the way social media influences politics and policy, and vice versa, often from a feminist point of view....more

    An Intrepid Woman of Immeasurable Talent...Get Mad and Write

    A blog about women, culture, fundraising...more

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