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    Will Your Kids Eat It? Single Mom Cooks.

    I was raised in a traditional family with a working father and stay-at-home mother.  No matter what the evening had in store, a home-cooked meal enjoyed together around the table was always a priority.  This is much more difficult to do when you are both mother and father to your children.  In the United States, nearly 19 million single parents know just how hard it is to work all day, manage a household, and raise children without a partner.&n...more

    Willing to Risk. Ready to Go.

    Live. Laugh. Create. Inspire ...more

    WILPF US Blog

    The blog of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, US Section (WILPF US). WILPF began in 1915. The US Section has two national campaigns: Save the Water and Women Challenge US Policy: Building Peace on Justice in the Middle East (WCUSP). This is our attempt to bridge the gap between the oldest women's peace organization in the world and cyberspace. ...more

    wingspouse blog

    Kathi redefines the executive wife and blows the traditional role out the water with her wingspouse concept! A wingspouse is a partner and right-hand man to her executive mate. She is his secret weapon. Taking notes, June Clever? ...more

    Wisecrack: Feminism and Comedy Magazine

    We're an independent quarterly and blog dedicated to all things related to comedy and feminism! ...more

    Witch Mom

    Location Oakland, CA United States See map: Google Maps is a blog about parenting a witchlet; being a priestess in the greater pagan community; navigating the world as queer, a religious minority, and someone passionate about social justice; and educating myself and others (including my own son) about this Path....more

    Within / Without

    Ravings. Rantings. Arbitrary Obsessions. Cities. Bricks. History. Music. Feminism. Words. Maami-isms. Patterns. Identities. Culture. Free Verse. Punctuation... ...more

    Witnessing Life

    Witnessing Life is a multimedia blog focusing on news and events constantly ignored by mainstream media. In any society, the media plays a major role in determining how we stereotype one another. Media stereotypes are inevitable, especially in the advertising, entertainment and news industries, which need as wide an audience as possible to quickly understand information. ...more

    WNN - Women News Network

    WNN - Women News Network is a new blog that includes international stories about women. These stories have gone out through United Nations agencies and affilitates through UN affiliate news aggregate WUNRN - Women's UN Report Network and UN-INSTRAW - United Nations International Institute for Research and Training for the Development of Women. ...more

    Woman with a Hatchet

    One part foodie, one part gardener, one pinch political, one large heaping mommy blog. Garnish with photography. Stir thoroughly and enjoy! I have one elder daughter and a new pair of boy/girl twins, one husband, two cats, thousands of plants and a love of food, photography, gardening and writing. ...more

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