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    Rockin NYC Mom, Avid Reader, Spiritual Seeker, Blogger, Baker and Advocator...more

    Arab Ties

      Novel; Western women in the Arab world: tales of love vs. hate, ecstasy vs. despair, faith vs. heretical magic stuff. Islam as it is. Dubai’s untold stories, the Gulf’s secrets and Levant’s wonders...more

    Are You a Beauty

    My sole purpose of writing is to bring you quality fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, romance, makup and diet information. Needless to say, I've tried everything I write about on my own, or urged my closest friends to try it. We've done all the wax on the eyebrows, creams giving us rashes and haircolor turning orange so you wouldn't have to. We've dieted Southbeach, went on blind dates and wore wedges, just to see how it turns out. ...more

    Are You Meant for Something Better?

    I'm a professional blogger, podcaster, motivational speaker and radio host. I help women create the life they want to lead for the rest of their lives by focusing on the issues in life which create moments for grace, growth and change. My “big promise” is that in reading and addressing the issues in my blogs, readers will find that some of the smaller day-to-day concerns are easier to tackle if they know they are not alone and they are given simple, useable resources to address these issues in their lives. I don’t solve pressing problems. In fact, I don’t solve problems....more

    Art of the Possible

    Art, Politics, and Feminism -- the official blog of artist Rachel Setzer. ...more

    As a seashell they had to call and call...

    A mommy blog with a weight loss (or not so much), vegetarian cooking, literature loving twist... written by an overweight, ex-junkie, happy, in-love stay at home mommy....more

    AspenBaker's Blog

    I am the founder and executive director of Exhale. ...more

    Aspirin and Boku-maru

    I am a first-time blogger with a beautiful one-year-old girl. I enjoy good food, good drinks and the company of good people. I love watching the sun rise. ...more

    Audrey and the Bad Apples

    Come up and see me sometime. ...more

    Avast! Feminist Conspiracy!

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