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    2.5 Million + 1

    A wannabe art historian moves to Brooklyn with 2 suitcases, 9 black shirts of various types, 1 Wegmans bag, and very little directional sense.    ...more

    365 Day Girl

    Real tips and tricks to living the Hot Girl lifestyle....more
  • 5 Resolutions to Transform the Fashion and Beauty Industries

    Created and updated by top model Magali Amadei and writer/body image expert Claire Mysko, 5 Resolutions is a blog for anyone who believes that healthy beauty is good for business and good for the world. ...more

    Hi there. My name is Lisa Hellebo & I am the solo founder of a technology startup called ...more

    50 Women Blog: official blog of the book "50 Women"

    Location San Francsico, CA United States See map: Google Maps 50 Women blog is about Jessica Buchleitner's journey of compiling the book "50 Women"; a testament of 50 different life stories told by women from 30 different countries. Here she writes about the life lessons learned from interacting with women hailing from a variety of cultures and social strata.    ...more


    Focusing on their lives, Ashley and Mandi blog about everything from eating organic to getting pregnant, from training for a marathon to random musings.  And of course the purpose that started it all, moving to Vermont!...more

    A New Broome Sweeps Clean! How To Clean Up Your Life!

    This is a blog for all working women including stay at home moms. It offers motivational support and information pertaining to women's issues. It also provides ideas and suggestions to women who are thinking about quitting their jobs to be stay at home moms. It offers help to women who are thinking about, facing, involved in, or recovering from divorce. ...more

    A Bitch Called Mom

    WARNING: This blog is written by a PMSing mom. There will be lots of bitching. Here moms can say all the things they wish they could in real life if no one would be traumatized by it. SPEAK YOUR MIND. If you don't, I'll just say it for you. So you can either live vicariously through me or grow some big, clean-shaven ovaries and say it yourself. BTW if you're a bitch, but not necessarily a mom or a woman or PMSing, you're welcome, too. ALL BITCHES ARE WELCOME. Amen....more

    A Blog of Her Own

    A Bloggable Life

    Daily prompts, ideas, tips, and resources designed to help you create a life you love....more

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