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    Bitch, You Left Me

    Bitch, You Left Me is a blog for adult adoptees who want to speak the entire truth, even when it’s ugly and ungrateful. And also when it’s beautiful and places in between....more

    Bite-Sized Subversions

    challenging thoughts about everyday things - philosophy with an attitude - usually a feminist atheist one...more

    Black Looks

    blahgblahgblahg WORDS I SAY REGARDING STUFF (or "How I learned to stop hating being called a head case and embraced the sickness.")

    Location Harrisburg, PA United States See map: Google Maps blahgblahgblahg is a place for me to collect my thoughts and feelings on all aspects of my life. I am a feminist, democratic socialist mother of two teen boys with whom I stayed home for most of their lives. I have both chronic physical and chronic mental illnesses. And I am extremely interested in government, politics and current events, both in popular culture and world news. Democracy is my religion. Educating myself is my obsession. I endlessly read everything I can get my hands on and then I'll talk your ear off about it, both on this blog and in real life. ...more


    Blogs By Catherine

    This is my main blog, and it also has links to my other five blogs.  Addressing women's issues, health & wellness, dieting & weight-loss, inspirational, chronic illness, and politics. ...more


    Women are as complex as men proclaim but from that complexity come the most beautiful things.  From the technique of the smoky eye, to the perfect lip, to having nothing to wear, to a never ending range of emotions, women are bold, sensitive, sweet and sour The spirit and intent of this blog is to offer and share with women around the world insight into our vast complexities – whether beautiful or scarred.  Think of this blog as an online daily breaking of the bread.  Please do not think this blog is limited to the sweet.  We will blog all things woman ...more

    Bonalita's Beauty Exists Here

    A searcher living in New York wondering if beauty can exist beyond my name. This is an experiment in just that. Making beauty exist beyond myself and creating something from my mind and into the universe. Combining words and images from my day in an effort to understand our world....more

    Bonbon Break

    Bonbon Break is a daily magazine for women who just need to take a break. We feature female writers and bloggers whose content can be found in one of our six rooms: Kitchen, Family Room, Bedroom, Mom Cave, Playroom and Backyard....more
  • Bookies

    Book Reviews and essays about reading....more
    Hello everyone, this is my first comment on blogher!more

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