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    A Bookish Beemer

    A BookishBeemer is a feminist, progressive blog written by a college student in a conservative state. I comment on current events and commentary, write about the importance of the everyday and its relevance to politics, and the need for intersectionality. I also write about my journey and experiences as a feminist, and as a progressive in a conservative state....more

    A Brain Like Mine: Diary of a Feminist Housewife

    A personal answer to the old feminist question: With a brain like yours, why are you home with the kids? Opinion on arts, religion, culture, homeschooling, family life, love, faith, knitting, politics, science, kids, and anything else that bounces my way. Oh, yeah, and dinner. ...more
  • A Cat Nap

    In her blog A Cat Nap, Flicka Mawa writes about being a female graduate student in a STEM field, covering topics including gender and feminism issues and work-life balance questions. ...more

    And I look forward to surfing your blog. :-)


    A Different Path (Homeschooling: Meandering down a different path to education)

    I'm a stay-at-home-mom of two amazing little boys, and I have a most excellent husband. We are a secular eclectic homeschooling family.  I plan to write mostly about homeschooling: why we've decided to do it, how we plan to go about it, what we learn, places we go, interesting people we meet, etc. I also plan to share my thoughts and experiences with parenting in general, perhaps the occasional rant, and whatever else happens to interest me....more

    A Fantastic Nightmare

    Opinions about sex, death, and other bits of deliciousness from a feminist perspective.  ...more

    A Feminist Wife

    musings on leading an authentic and creative life ...more

    A Freshly Milled Life

    I blog about healthy living, victory gardening, freshly milled grains, whole foods, and my journey toward health and nutrition while living with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. ...more

    A Girl and Her Cat

    This my blog about my life in Alabama! ...more

    A Global Sharing Circle for Women over 50!

    Honestly, we just want to share, make you laugh, and possibly help you find a bra!We reveal secret recipes, share what is on our minds, and write about what moves us.We are women over 50, and frankly, it was a "Oops!" moment.Suddenly.We will be letting you in on our picks of what works, or makes us squeal with delight. ...more

    a k8, a cat, a mission

    I'm a feminist, anti-racism grad student. I try to write consistently about social change, especially in academia. However, you'll also find me writing about books, athletics, my life, and my minor ca ...more

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