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    Thorne's World

    Welcome This is my personal Life BLOG. In this BLOG you will find adult content, strong opinions, questions, spirituality, gender and sexuality, politics, art, health and general boring day to day life posts. I am: Woman, feminist, mom, partner, wife, widow, lover, friend, grandmother, minister, caretaker, daughter, sister, granddaughter. Queer, pagan, lesbian identified Stone Femme. Eclectic, creative, intelligent, wise, naive, writer. Hopeful, idealistic, free-thinker. 45 years old. (Not necessarily in that order) ...more

    Those Graces

    Those Graces: Fashion, Beauty, Feminism...more

    Thrive! An online magazine for women that inspires.

    Did you know that 100 years ago women had a very different sense of community? ...more

    Thus Spake Zuska

    Zuska offers the web's most excellent and informative rants on the intransigent refusal of engineering and science to open their doors to anyone but white males. I verbally bludgeon morons, celebrate the fabulousness of techie women, and encourage every female to release her Inner Pissed-Off Woman. I’ve done hard time as an engineer and a scientist, in academia and industry, at the bench and in administration. I am a certified feminist. ...more


    I write poetry, read poetry and like to discuss poetry. I believe that poetry is an art and deserves the same degree of attention in the making and appreciation of poems that is given to making and appreciating the products of other art forms. I always strive for beauty or an echo of beauty in some aspect of each poem. I want to make something compelling out of even the harshest realities, to express my hope that humanity is moving toward perfection (wholeness). ...more

    Tiny Blue Lines

    Tiny Blue Lines is a blog dedicated to what comes after those two blue lines of a positive pregnancy test. I talk about all things motherhood--working, staying home, breastfeeding, cooking the best-ever meals (read: somehow involving chocolate), making a house a home for the craft-challenged, and seeking to answer the #1 question of motherhood: How in the world can I go to the bathroom by myself??...more

    tiny heat is preggers, now what?

    a 30-something former SF single party girl turned married and pregnant Oaklander. These are her rants about becoming a mom. ...more


    Who am I?I’m like you. I get up each day, drink my coffee, and hope for the best. I go to school, go to work, go to the grocery store. I call my mom, my sister, and my husband. I cuddle with my cat and play with my dog. I go out with my friends and have fun. I vote, I give to charities, I take action. I forget to eat lunch, am impatient with my limitations, and sometimes am very scared. I go to bed each night and try to be thankful for everything I have and hopeful for the next day....more

    Todas - La Bitacora para ellas (en español)

    A collective blog written by over 20 women. They run a blog carnival with judging and prizes, Link Concurso Mujer. ...more

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