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    Women, Women Everywhere

    I write about women's issues from a somewhat conservative and somewhat liberal perspective, mainly trying to look out for women. ...more


    At WomenBIG, we're dedicated to helping women connect, share and learn. WomenBIG is a place where women - bold, intelligent and gifted - can step into their personal power, claim their confidence and success, share their wisdom, and encourage one another. We cover:...more


    The WomenCount blog features commentary on how women are treated in politics.  It relates back to gender discrimination, government organization, historical feminism and more. ...more

    Womens Issues at About.com

    A broad look at women's issues covering all ages and stages. From politics to pop culture, science, arts and media, family and career, global concerns and backyard over-the-fence chitchat, gender issues (gap, wars, bias - you name it) and anything else that winds up unwashed in the kitchen sink. Sometimes journalistic, sometimes chatty, rarely mean-spirited but always engaging (at least IMHO). ...more


    Womenstake.org is the multi-issue blog of the National Women's Law Center. ...more
  • WomensVoicesforChange.org

    The site for women over 40, headed by one of New York's top physicians, Dr. Patricia Yarbery Allen.Readers can ask Dr. Pat questions on any health topic, including menopause, and she responds with thorough answers. Also great news, opinion and commentary features on politics, media, arts, and money. ...more



    I like to write about being a woman.  It is helpful to vent about the gender stereotypes that I see limiting all humans.  I like to write about justice and how it is our job to usher peace and equality into the here and now.  I like to write about my theology students and how in all honesty, they are teaching me.  I like writing about becoming married, the process my spouse and I daily engage in as we name our heterosexual privilege and actively reject society's status quo of gender roles and passionless partnerships.  And I do believe that others like to think and ...more

    Worker Bees Blog

    Worker Bees Blog looks at blogging and other social media and how they impact the functions of marketing, communications, customer care and business development. ...more

    Writing With Lipstick

    A 20-something feminist's take on things women like to talk about, and some things we don't. ...more

    Yeah, But Houdini Didn't Have These Hips.

    Life, the universe, and motherhood according to me. I'm a feminist, a liberal, and mom to an amazing little girl with Down syndrome. All that is reflected here, along with whatever I might be feeling ...more

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