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    B-School Babe

    I am a girl in a man's world. This blog covers my journey towards earning an MBA at a premiere business school, while maintaining a full-time career and balancing my life in general. I hope that this blog becomes a resource for prospective b-school students, current MBAs and alumni. More importantly, I hope that this blog inspires change in the business world by encouraging more women to take the leap, pursue their dreams and become leaders in not just business, but the world at large...all while being saavy, fearless and fun. Follow me. And ask me anything....more

    Babies or Not

    Location United States See map: Google Maps In spite of infertility, divorce, remarriage, evil step-motherhood, more infertility, and now breast cancer - life is good. Life uncensored: a chronicle of multiple miscarriage while working as a counselor in an abortion clinic, divorce and remarriage, and treatment for breast cancer. It's about being real: healthy relationships, emotional authenticity, and appreciating life for all it has to offer, even in the hard times....more
  • Babson Women's Business Blog

    Babson College has established the Babson Women's Business Blog as a forum for issues and findings related to business in general and women in particular. "The Babson Women's Business Blog is dedicated to something we are very passionate about -- the advancement of women and business," said Prof. Nan Langowitz, Director of the Center for Women's Leadership at Babson College. "While the backgrounds and expertise of the blog's contributors are varied, we work together at Babson College and share a commitment to understanding and advancing opportunities for women as business leaders. We look forward to sharing our insights and exploring ideas for women who wish to achieve their professional goals, and for organizations that want to be best-in-class employers and value providers to women." ...more

    I praise this blog and the valuable information and support to women ...more

    Baby Makin(g) Machine

    This blog was established in 2008 when I seriously started to consider offspring. It's a journal of my journey toward motherhood and a place for me to post my goals, thoughts, and findings as I progress towards the inevitable. My first post explains it all. ...more

    backlist: A list of previously thought thoughts, strung out for you to think about.

    This blog prominantly features optimism, complaints, voodoo and discussions of public restroom etiquette. There's also travel, politics and discussion about working at the State Department Consider yourself warned. ...more

    Backseat Betty - Dreamweaving

    Redefining womyn through the 3rd wave and loose écriture féminine. Enjoy sharing my daily journey in writing, musings, prose, societal analysis, and other self-proclaimed diatribes. ...more

    Backup Brain

    Bad Ass Femmes

    In Search of Renegades, Rebels, and Wicked, Wanton Women of (Supposed) Ill Repute Chronicles of my life long love affair searching for strong, independent, and diverse women.  ...more

    Bad Mama Genny

    Location Chicago, IL United States See map: Google Maps Bad Mama Genny Like a mommy blog. Except I'm not a mommy. And it's about extreme DIY and homesteading. And food, food, food. And gardening in fishnets. And moonshine makin'. And the fine mess I've gotten us into this time. So not at all like a mommy blog. Ok, you know what, just read the damn blog.         Let’s get one thing straight: we’re all misfits here... ...more

    Baddest Mother Ever

    I was divorced AND widowed by the age of 36.  I now have 3 children and all that comes along with them.  This leads me to write about finding selfhood, gratitude, rebuilding, joy, grief, and one silly dog named Huckleberry Finn.  ...more

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