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    Being Feminist

    Being Feminist is all about women's issues that the female sex still face so much in today's world. It is updated usually on a daily basis with the latest news about women's/gender issues from a variety of sources. As well, it is a little bit of a commentary of my own personal feelings and insights into these issues. Everything from religion to sexual assault to women in the workforce is talked about! ...more

    Believe Act Go

    Fueling your Believe Act Go Traveling Sanctuary.  Fuel your Belief, so you are charged to take Action and Go to your dreams....more

    Bella Vida by Letty

    This blog is a culture and lifestyle journal where I share my art, photography, writing and adventures. The purpose of my posts is to empower and inspire growth. Some of the topics I blog about are: art, photography, philosophy, travel, language, education, history, feminism, Puerto Rico, improvement, life lessons, tips, events, etc. Join me as I share my inspiration and life lessons through the lens of an artist....more

    Benevolent Dictatrix

    Better than chocolate chip cookies

    The chocolate chips in the cookie I call a life: Feminism, fat acceptance, cooking, adventures, and my random thoughts. ...more

    Between Time and Dreams

    Transparency - is what this blog is all about. Tearing down the superficial, phony, politically correct, proper, cordial, fake, exhausting way of doing things and just being who you are- being real. Having the freedom to speak your mind- being open to new ideas, admitting your failures and the lessons you learned along the way, getting inspired, and letting music enhance your life experience. ...more


    Betweenparents.org is a blog about parenting...and writing...and poetry...and living in LA.  With betweenparents.org, I wrestle the demons of motherhood and the demons of writing.  Sometimes these are separate struggles, but often they get rolled up together for a good  sorting out.  With the blog, I'm exploring what it means to be a mother and an artist.  How to balance these two all-consuming roles.  I take regular Field Trips around LA exploring the city and breaking up the daily routine.   Features include book reviews, commentary ...more

    Betzy's Makeup A Beauty Blog


    Location D.C. United States See map: Google Maps Musings on the book industry, technology, women's issues, and other important news in my world....more

    Big Brass Blog

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