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    Café lang

    A blog on music, poetry, feminism and lesbian visibility. Un blog sobre masica, poesaa, feminismo, y visibilidad lésbica. En español. Spanish speaking. ...more

    Cafe Kel

    This is the new home to my blog of self discovery. I've been blogging for about 3 years and over that time it has taken a different turn. I've grown from looking at my relationships to looking at my own life and trying to decide what purpose I will have in the future. It's about self discovery thru discussion of most topics out there. ...more

    California NOW

    This is the blog of the California National Organization for Women.  It addresses statewide, national and international issues of interest to women from a feminist perspective, with an emphasis on activism and creating positive change for women and girls. ...more
  • Campaign for Unshaved Snatch (CUSS) & Other Rants

    This is a space for venting about social and sexual mores that plague our society today, as well as a place for me to share my experiences as I travel and investigate other cultures. Welcome to the Campaign for Unshaved Snatch (CUSS) & Other Rants. ...more

    Glad you posted your site, I meant to link to you awhile back and this was a good reminder!

  • Can you hear me now?

    Can you find happily ever after when you're a woman over 40? I'ver never been married and I don't have kids, but I still matter don't I? I'm still a pop culture addict, I care about the environment and I'm passionate about politics. If I was twenty...someone would be listening to me because I'm young. If I was a Mom...someone would be listening to me because I know so much. But as a single woman over 40 I feel invisible. Is there anyone listening to me? Can I still live happily ever after if I never find a glass slipper that fits? ...more

    Hi Sara,

    I'm listening.  I hear you.  And I'm right there with you.  And yes you do ...more

    Cancer Lost

    I am a Stage 3B Cervical Cancer Survivor. I created this blog in an effort to raise Cervical Cancer Awareness. I was 28 when I was diagnosed with advanced Cervical Cancer and my story is a long, painful & inspiring one. Cervical Cancer is not talked about but it touches the lives of every single woman out there. We need to start talking about this cancer because it is not rare and it does kill. ...more

    CareerLifeConnection.com blog

     CareerLifeConnection.com is a community focused on work-life balance and workplace flexibility.  It's blog highlights the news in work-life and careers as well as questions and discusses the workings of the world of work today in an effort to change it for tomorrow. ...more

    Carla Murphy

    politics & culture commentary, race, gender, int'l pols, smart tidbits ...more

    Cat Uncaged

    A blog from a woman who has enjoyed writing her entire life. The blog is a general blog, with many different, Interesting articles....more

    Catch + Color Justice

    Come along as beauty & justice bring hope around the world! Thanks be to God. Join me to discuss human trafficking prevention; missionary work in Australia & Ireland, Republic; injustice today & what it means to be a woman; and living a little bit hippie-boho....more

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