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    Earth, Wind & Power Blogazine

    The Earth, Wind & Power Blogazine brings consumers the latest environmental developments and news on a variety of topics, and tips on that readers can do to reduce their carbon footprint.  Topics span across several industries including, travel, home and garden, automotive, entertainment, fashion, and politics. ...more

    Echidne of the Snakes

    Feminism, more general politics, some personal posts and news media analysis. Written from a progressive/feminist view. ...more

    Eclectic Effervescence

    Eclectic Effervescence is my journey through life...beautiful views and bumps in the road included.  ...more


    Chana's eclectic ramblings......more

    Eco Lesbo Vego

      A blog written by an aspiring vegan, lesbian tree-hugger from Queensland, Australia. This blog outlines the experiences of one small family making baby steps towards living an eco-friendly life in the suburban sub-tropics.  ...more

    Ecumenical Women

    The Ecumenical Women Coalition is made up of churches and ecumenical organizations at the United Nations, who focus on religion and human rights from a gender perspective. We Set Out To: Work within our faith traditions to raise the status of women and human rights Promote dialogue between the UN and our faith communities Bring a perspective of liberation and justice for women to the United Nations Collaborate with other NGOs and organizations in the international community ...more

    Eden From Sweden

    A Humanist Spin on Feminism, Literature and Vegan Muffin Recipes. ...more


    Crafty, Jewish, nerdy, fat, mommy. Got a problem with that?...more

    Egg Drop

    This is about the wait. This blog chronicles all the time, energy, and aniety I spend waiting for the egg. Some day soon one magical egg will connect with one frozen sperm (out of 5 to 10 million), and she will be fertilized! Until then, my life's time clock revolves around that tiny egg, and everything else has be re-framed by a new sense of being and time. ...more

    Eleanor's Trousers

    Eleanor's Trousers is a compilation of the daily musings of Eleanor, who woke up one day, was thirty years old, and asked herself, "Now what?". A Pittsburgh resident, Southern belle by birth and cooking, sometime freelance writer, ex law student, queer feminist, fabulous-shoe-loving, bourbon fan with a book problem, Eleanor's posts run the gamut from personal analysis of her life with her fiance' to dissections of bizarre television commercials. ...more

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