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    Feminism, food, fact and fiction. ...more
  • f.pea

    Another feminist who knits, frets about the environment and dishes questionable fashion tips. Plus cats. Check in for free knit designs on the occasional Friday! ...more

    Love the knitting stuff. Love even more to find another feminist knitter. more

    Fabulously Broke in the City

    Just a girl trying to balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver ...more


    Location Boston, MA United States See map: Google Maps Factinis finds humor in everyday life and takes a funny (I hope!), quirky and sometimes snarky (but never too serious) look at my life.  The name is reminiscent of a martini, but instead of a slick drink, I serve the facts (according to how I perceive them, of course). Enjoy!...more

    Fair and Feminist

    A blog about gender, writing, community activism and feminist theorizing!...more

    Faith Aloud~~~The Religious and Ethical Voice for Reproductive Justice

    I have spent many mornings outside The Hope Clinic at Faith Aloud’s Faithful Presence silently opposing the protesters who chose to scream at the patients who enter the clinic and me as I hold my “I’m pro-choice and I pray” sign. These mornings have often prompted musings on what it means to be a pro-choice Christian who supports reproductive justice. Here are some of those musings: Does my ...more

    Fantasia'a World

    All about Egyptian Women. ...more

    Fashion Puppets

    Location Belgium Ever since I could read I’ve been reading magazines, but I’m starting to understand that beauty magazines seem to assume that I’m an idiot and that news magazines seem to assume that I’m a man. I’m neither, so I have decided to write for myself....more


    Location London United Kingdom See map: Google Maps Feminism, parenting, writing, gentle mockery of religious insanity, reviews, and whatever else occurs to me in the middle of the night. ...more


    This is a blog about feminism, past, present and future. It explores feminism (as a lifestyle) in relation to a wide range of issues. ...more

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