Feminism Blogs

    Half Changed World

    dc mom/policy wonk's musings on work, parenthood, gender, politics, and the rest of life ...more

    Happy Nappy Head

    Race Relations, Politics, Relationships, Health, Pop Culture, Natural Hair and Lifestyle From The Perspective of a Black Woman Living Nappily Ever After...Or Trying To. ...more

    Hello Ladies

    The intersection of feminism and life. Commentary on women, work, politics, parenting, and even shoes....more

    Help Me Pay For My Wedding

    Diary of a recessionista bride getting creative.  Help me pay for my wedding - it's good karma. ...more

    Her Circle Ezine

    Her Circle Ezine is an online portal of women's creative arts and activism from around the globe. By celebrating artists and writers whose work addresses the social issues of our time, we strive to bring these issues to the fore, whilst reaffirming connections between art, politics, and life. Artists and writers featured in Her Circle use their work as a means of addressing identity, gender, ethnicity, politics, and statutes that surround and shape women's lives, challenging us to reevaluate and re-imagine the world in which we live. ...more

    her long way home

    working in PR hasnt made us cynical yet. decor. fashion. social media. vegan food. pretty things. life. young and in love with the world....more

    HerSelf First: Giving Women the Power to Hit Pause

    For women who also serve as primary caregivers, it has become all too easy to put themselves last, or not at all, on the proverbial “to do” list. This trend not only impacts the quality of care women give to their loved ones, it also affects their quality of life. When women fail to nurture their own needs, pursue their own goals, and promote their own harmony, everyone looses. It is time to make a change; it is time for women to put themselves first. HerSelf First provides resources and tools to make giving back to yourself a little each day easy, manageable, and fun....more


    The original fashion, beauty and entertainment blog for Muslim women. ...more

    Hip And Stingy

    Navigating the hard times with style and frugality. ...more

    Hipster Pregnancy

    A blog about how bizarre, nerve-wracking, and occasionally enjoyable it is to be knocked up. (Once I pop this child out at the end of July, I'll likely shift focus to the mind-bogglingness of motherhood.) Seriously, there's a small human living inside my uterus. And I'm pretty sure my OB/Gyn is a vampire. There's a lot going on right now....more

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