Feminism Blogs

    K.M. O'Sullivan

    Writer K.M. (Kelly) O'Sullivan's blog about feminism, sexism, and equality from the perspective of the happily imperfect modern day woman and parent....more

    Kaka Mak

    Feminist blog with plenty of humor and other random musings. "Kaka Mak" does not refer to mock apple pie, cock or cocky. ...more


    Kaliwood is about everyday life things (food, fashion, friends, event planning) but is now geared towards feminism and talking about strong women in career and personal life. Kaliwood is about empowering women, and letting them know they have the right to be independent and achieve their goals. A weekly feature is "Feminist Fridays" which discusses a new feminist topic once a week....more

    Kansas Free Press

    By writing about the places, local events, politics and, especially, the people of Kansas, our journalists hope to coax others into a meaningful public conversations about our way of life and the future of Kansas. Our writers are chiefly interested in examining what the people of Kansas value most and how we, our communities and our governments respond to those values. Many of our journalists desire to exercise their 1st Amendment rights by gathering information about what happens in school board meetings, community events, county commission meetings or in the state legislature....more

    Kate Harding

    Humorless feminism, fat acceptance, and common sense consulting. ...more

    Kid Sis in Hollywood

    Director. Writer. Producer. Rabble-rouser. ...more

    Kimberly Knight - Coming Out Christian

    This blog is a place where real people with beating hearts and quick minds can gather to explore what for many people seems a paradox but for me has never a source of conflict – being gay and Christian in America. And guess what? As it turns out, there are as many ways this unfolds as there are ways of being not-gay and Christian in America. What I know to be true is that debates do not change hearts and minds, people do, people and their stories. As you get to know the people who share their stories here I hope you will hold an open place in your heart just as Christ holds for us all. ...more

    Kirb Appeal

    Saturday, March 6, 2010 Twenty-friggin'-eight. Getting AARP mail. I have a self-imposed rule about not including my family in my blogging. Doah (aka Jeff) doesn't do it, so I'm not doing it either. But today, I feel it's only fair to relate what happened at school yesterday. Because it made me so excited, I almost wet my pants (which I've learned is a hazard of old age, and I must be mindful.) Cafeteria food is traditionally....well.......you know. (Okay, with one exception. Catholic school fish. You know the fish I'm talking about--little square patties on hamburger buns....more

    Kitsch Slapped

    Specializing In Bad Taste From A (Feminist) Chick’s Perspective. Pop Culture, Past & Present (And Sometimes The Future), Right In Yer Kisser....more

    Kloe Among the Turks

    A visual journal of a SoCal girl's year in Anatolia, kids and hubby in tow. Gossip about art, expat life, what it's like to be a woman in the Turkish man's world. ...more

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