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    La Escalera Karakola is a women's occupied house...

    La Escalera Karakola is a women's occupied house in a multiethnic working class neighborhood in the center of Madrid. For six years, la Karakola has served as a convergeance point and a point of departure for feminist thought and political action both in the neighborhood and in the far-flung feminist networks in which we participate. An open and changing collective of women -- mostly young, some not so young, of various sexualities, nationalities, class and educational backgrounds -- maintain the house as a public space for women, and from this space we generate projects which extend beyond the house itself. ...more

    La Fabuliste

    I am 22 years old, and I dream about airports.  ...more

    La Vie Childfree

    This blog is talking about any and all issues related to the choice not to have children.  It's a go-to spot informing and educating about one of the most important choices we make in life, and the topic in larger sociological and global contexts....more
  • Labels are for Jars

    I blog, here, about the journey of raising a son who pushes gender boundaries, challenges social norms, etc. Life on the edge of the gender binary, if you will. From a mother's perspective. ...more

    This is a great blog!  Love the title and can't get enough of the topics and thoughts.  Now ...more

    Labor of Love

    We are pregnant women, mothers, fathers, doulas, midwives, childbirth educators and OB's who love music almost as much as we love children. We strive to find a natural rhythm in childbirth, parenting and family life--preferably, one that has a rich and diverse soundtrack. We share parenting stories and music on this blog. ...more

    Lady and the Meow

    Location Sweden women & cats...more

    Lady J In Lotus Pose

    I believe story telling is an art form and blogging is a medium in which to share stories and ideas. I enjoy learning from others as I am constantly attempting to introspect, grow and evolve. Within this blog I hope to cover a spectrum of topics. From the serious to the silly. Here you will read my views and inquiries on subjects such as feminism and other socio-political issues, personal growth, spirituality, my obsession with cupcakes, books, film, art, music and day to day journies. Pull up a comfy chair and a spot of tea and join me!...more

    LadyBuddha Speaks

    Welcome to LadyBuddha Speaks. This space is part sounding board and part encouragement, with a Nichiren Buddhist and feminist slant. Most posts are musings and reflections about daily life. Once in awhile I delve into progressive politics, particularly civics and policies that support or oppress women and/or people of color....more

    Larissa Meek

    My name is Larissa Meek, an artist and web designer. Mostly now, just a web designer but I love art. I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO., did the L.A. thing for a bit and now I live in south Florida. I'm a lead designer Agency Net and my personal blog site is at Link TextLarissaMeek.com. My blog is pretty much about anything but mostly about my life, my thoughts, pageants, web design, art and crap. ...more

    Larvatus Prodeo

    Larvatus Prodeo is an Australian group blog which discusses politics, sociology, culture, life, religion and science from a left of centre perspective. ...more

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