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    Ninja BITCH, CEO

    I'm a ninja. I'm a BITCH. I'm a CEO. I get shit done. ALL kinds of shit. From raising teenagers to running a company. This is a blog that follows my life as a ninja BITCH, CEO. Sometimes funny. Sometimes sad. Many times snarky. ALWAYS with a kick@ss BITCH attitude. Welcome to my world, BITCHES!...more

    No Dowry

    I started No Dowry because I was genuinely excited about getting married but fear becoming "That Girl" in the process. I chronicled the wedding planning process from a DIY/feminist perspective. Now I'm going to use No Dowry to chronicle my transition into the life of a "grown up"-- covering topics such as marriage, work, travel, politics and food/culture. ...more

    No One Would Want Your Life

    On being a lawyer, mother, law firm diversity coordinator, would-be poet, and chicken herder (among other things) ...more

    No Postage Required

    I take the No Postage Necessary/Required envelopes and send back interesting pictures, or articles i come across. i list what i sent, and why in this blog - topics range from drink recipes, and immigration or reproductive health news to independent artists, and new music and washington DC events.  ...more

    Nola Studiola

    Location New Orleans United States See map: Google Maps Nola Studiola, and its guested version, Nola Studiola REDUX, began in the spring of 2012 as an interview site to explore and support different artists' visions of their processes and how they balance life and making art. Today it is a guested/curated site. Each month, a different artist directs the content, which somehow addresses exploring the artistic process through interviews, information sharing among geographic and artistic communities, and sometimes personal essays....more

    Not it all, at all

    Some say women want to have it all. I don't want it all. Just what my family and I deserve, unencumbered by other people's preconceived ideas.I blog about my large family, my faith, my job, how I balance the two, and how I navigate our blended family. Some days you'll find a treatise on body image in the media, other days a hint on how to get rid of pests. I hope you will always come away feeling informed and perhaps even entertained....more

    Not Quite Set

    Daily balance from a thirty something city woman, new wife, soon to be mother and over all life geek. ...more

    Not Your Mama's Gamer

    Location Indiana United States See map: Google Maps Not just another gaming site, Not Your Mama's Gamer (NYMG) looks at video games and technology from a feminist point of view. NYMG produces biweekly podcasts that can be found on iTunes. Visit our website to read posts written from the perspective of female gamers....more


    Location Aviva Rubin 54 Brunswick Ave Canada See map: Google Maps Nothinginmoderation - on being and becoming a writer. Rejection, acceptance, approval, paid work, rejection, non-existent admin skills,  superficial choices, using social media, rejection, making ADD work for me, managing Dad's constant helpful suggestions, rejection, unconditional love of self, conditional love of self, the messy desk in the messy bedroom, working from home, getting out of pyjamas....more

    Noticing the Gap

    “Noticing the gap” is a term used in the field of second language acquisition that refers to the need for language learners to notice the differences between the language they produce and the target language. Researchers believe that the process of noticing is key, as it leads to improved linguistic accuracy and deeper cognitive processing. ...more

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