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    Scotch & Chocolate

    My personal blog. ...more

    Screaming into the Void


    Second Verse, Same as the First

    A single mother of three boys blogs about life, politics, food, fashion, money, and raising ADHD children.  With sarcasm, of course, because that's how we get by. ...more
  • Secret Regrets Left Online

    What is the BIGGEST regret of your life? What ONE thing would you change if you had a second chance? This blog features people's secret regrets, posted anonymously online. It's a great forum to express your regrets without fear. It's also morphed into a great community support blog -- with complete strangers sharing their words of encouragment, opinions and support utilizing the anonymous comment function. Over 95% of the posts and comments are by women, making this a sure favorite for BlogHer fans ... ...more

    I regret every single day not saying goodbye to you. I really believed you when you told me that ...more

    See Jane Do

    See Jane Do is social change multimedia program.  As the hosts, we're moms on a quest to discover solutions to enhance the planet and the lives of our family and community.  As a result, we are capturing the stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things for the planet.  Featured on KVMR and beyond, See Jane Do connects women, entertains, inspires, and informs.  ...more


    A writer's personal blog. In San Francisco. With lotsa stuff about being Asian American, and multiracial, and a woman. Also lotsa stuff about writing, cliches, and being terrified. And cat pictures (m ...more

    Self-Portrait as

    This is my self-portrait as artist struggling for success, English professor struggling for relevance and feminist struggling for justice. ...more


    yehasab senduQ is a thoughtbox containing a 20somthing female ethiofrican's collection of ponderings on identity, justice, nostalgia, peace, culture, storytelling and other entropy inducing insanities for.the.love.of.words & expression ...more


    In it, (my blog)I register what catches my eye, what inspires my spirit and afects my world view. Poetry as well as links to various other blogs and news media have a place in this space. ...more

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