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    size ate: one woman's search for the perfect fit.

    size ate: one woman's search for the perfect fit. whatever the hell that is. margaux laskey has eaten too little, she’s eaten too much, she’s weighed too little, she’s weighed too much, she’s been too little, she’s been too much. interested in exploring and challenging the culturally accepted standards of too anything and encouraging others to do the same. this blog and her one-woman show of the same name are expressions of this exploration. take a bite. ...more

    Skiing in the Shower - One mom's journey from stay at home mom to pro skier in five years

    Can you go from being an overweight, out of shape stay at home mom to a professional skier in five years? Is it insane to start this project at 35 and try out for the PSIA National Alpine Demonstration Team at 40? Can you do all this while becoming a better mom, and a healthier person? And at what cost? The insanity begins here. We are three years in, and moving to Aspen this season!...more

    Skirting the Issues - because feminism is *not* the f-word.

    Women make up:- 70% of the poorest and most vulnerable people on earth;- 70% of the world's hungry;- two-thirds of the illiterate worldwide; ...more


    An inconveniently independent 'burb dweller with opinions on everything. ...more

    small house, big picture: philosophies of food, family, and dare I say it? feminism

    I’m more of a slogger than a blogger.   The word “philosophy” in my title alone forebodes of my inability to shut-up.  Perhaps that makes you the slogger? If you want to risk it, visit for a dose of blogosophy from a mom with a mission to change the world one household at a time.  I’ll try not to make a slogger out of you.  But I can’t promise.   ...more

    Small Strokes - A Feminist Project

     believe that “small strokes fell big oaks.”  In my case, these small strokes are most often strokes of a pen or of a keyboard, and the big oaks social issues – feminism, equal rights for all, etc. ...more

    Small Strokes Fell Big Oaks

    (Formerly http://smallstroke.wordpress.com) I believe that “small strokes fell big oaks.” In my case, these small strokes are most often strokes of a pen or of a keyboard, and the big oaks are social issues – feminism, equal rights for all, etc. As humans, we all have something to say about human rights, and with the Small Strokes Project, I hope to open up the dialogue to your strokes of genius by posting your comments, stories, opinions, and answers to really pressing questions about the changing face of civil rights. ...more

    Small-Town Elitist

    Variety of pertinent topics by the strange goth girl next door. Politics, news and current events, feminism, race relations, GLBT issues, people and pets with disabilities, etc. Plus fun diversions like crafting, gardening, and weird news stories. ...more

    Smart Girls Know

    Smart Girls Know is the blog of bestselling author and teen advocate Deborah Reber, and presents relevant news, information, insight, and advice to young women and girls. Smart Girls Know regularly features profiles of organizations doing work on behalf of girls, interviews with young adult authors, affirmations aimed at empowering girls to live their best lives, and contests and future career training opportunities specifically for teen girls. ...more


    Hello there! I blog about feminism. Topics include body acceptance, combating gender stereotypes, and the celebration of women's art and community. Sometimes I talk about the worldwide exploitation of women. Other times I do book reviews, or talk about feminism in my personal life. Thanks!...more

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