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    Stepping on Acorns

    What is more satisfying than stepping on acorns? Not much. Crunch crunch. ...more

    Stop Street Harassment!

    Share your experiences with and thoughts about street harassment. I've defined street harassment as the whistling, honking, calling out to, commenting on, groping, touching, stalking, and assaulting of women in public. You can define it however you want. All perspectives are welcome -- from the view that it's harmless and complimentary to the view that it's an invasion of women's space and disrespectful. If you have any advice or success stories for dealing with street harassment, please share! ...more


    Subterfuge (aka subterfusex) was developed in order to provide a space for frank, open, honest discussion of relationships and sex by young women. Though not a community in the traditional sense, it is our hope that Subterfuge will become a touchstone for its readers, assuring them that they are not alone in their thoughts. We work hard to preserve the anonymity of contributors, so that they can feel free to say exactly what they mean. Submissions are welcome....more


    Life, Kids and Feministing in the Suburbs....more

    Such Cool Stuff

    This is a blog devoted to cool stuff I find as I meander through this crazy internet thing. ...more

    Sugarbutch Chronicles

    The sex, gender, and relationship adventures of a kinky queer butch top, Sinclair Sexsmith. Sugarbutch Chronicles is a personal writing exploration of sex, gender, and relationships, and attempts to celebrate queer theory, sexuality, gender, and culture in ways that are expansive rather than restrictive, liberating rather than limiting. ...more

    Sugared Harpy

    Sugared Harpy is the personal weblog of art historian, feminist, and mama blogger Melissa B. Strong language and too much information can be found here. Also? Rantings and ravings on how we're tr ...more

    Suki Has An Opinion

    Is this your blog? If so, please claim it by listing your blog. ...more


    Sunshine From Shadows

    As a child I was taught that opportunity and good fortune was rewarded to those who were deserving of it, having spent an entire lifetime performing backbreaking labor silently and humbly, like my grandparents had, or studying for years in University like my father. This ruse effectively kept me, the poster child for the gifted Type-A perfectionist, striving for the title of #1 everything until I was about 12. I could read before I started school, I skipped a grade, got perfect marks, had lots of friends, and did I mention I had blonde hair and blue eyes?...more

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