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    THAT magazine for women

    Location Central PA United States See map: Google Maps THAT Mission: It is the mission of THAT magazine for women to encourage and inspire women especially, but all readers, to live whole lives that manifest healthy bodies, minds and hearts.  The heart, to us, means the unseen seat of the emotions and spirit. We do not claim to define this; we only wish to feed it. It is the mission of THAT magazine for women to support those who are actively contributing to the well being of their fellow human beings. We intend to do this through our content and through contributions....more

    That Side of the Moon

    This dyke's take on life, the world and other random topics, from the sublime to the ridiculous ... A 50-something lesbian grandmother exploring and sharing in the digital realm. ...more

    That Was Zen, This Is Tao

    That Was Zen, This Is Tao is a journey in haiblog -- brief, crisp prose in the tradition of Basho and the Way of Haikai -- made fresh for the modern urban dweller. One part personal journal, one part queer/trans activist literature, and one part artistic exploration, my blog provides a thoughtful alternative to the standard Internet noise and brings Zen-like focus, one click of tea at a time. ...more

    The 'mental Shaman

    A World of Warcraft blog focusing on Feminism, Mental Health, and other Intersectionalities in MMORPGs, Virtual Spaces and Geekdom. I also write about the Shaman class in World of Warcraft....more

    The Activist

    We won't conform to culture and traditions that discriminate against women! ...more

    the adventures of dr. diana

    Dr. Diana Blaine is a PhD philosopher, writer, adventurer, bon vivant and buttkicker. She's read and studied how gender dynamics function in our culture, and here on this website, she holds forth on these issues. Her research focuses on sex and death, and she's currently interested in breasts. But then again who isn't? ...more

    The Adventures of Saia & Chago

      Hot on the trail of two 7-year-old monsters (boy/girl twins) born to two mommies, living across two households, with two dogs, and already too much drama who tend to move around way too much for everyone's good.    ...more

    The All Girl Army

    Ovathrow the status quo! Blogger collective and community of fierce, fantastic, feminist women aged 10 to 23. ...more

    The Anthem Exposition

    The Anthem Exposition is a community of women who share their stories of having overcome. Their experiences may not have been easy, but the journeys were worth it after all. These are their anthems. Contribute YOUR anthem. ...more

    The Anti Room

    The Anti-Room is the home of many Irish ladies writing about everything from fashion to feminism, pop culture to politics, and lots of things we haven’t even thought of yet. The blog was founded in 2008 by four Dublin-based journalists, including Anna Carey, Edel Coffey and Sinéad Gleeson, who initially wrote under pseudonyms. Now with Carey, Coffey and Gleeson as the site’s managers and editors, the blog has expanded to welcome a wide range of regular contributors. ...more

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