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    The Apron Goddesses

    If you are wondering why there is "The Apron Goddesses" go HERE for some background! The important business for today is the announcement of our first Apron Goddess giveaway! ...more

    The Ayn Rand Of The Left

    The Beheld

    The Beheld explores personal beauty with a curious and questioning eye, featuring:•Interviews with women whose professions and passions lead them to examine their attitudes toward beauty—photographers, aestheticians, performers, artists, and others with keen insight on attitudes toward appearance.•My own personal essays, largely drawing on more than a dozen years of working in women's magazines, from Ms....more

    The Betty Blog

    Betty is the Betty behind Betty's List, the resource for events, news, services and activities for the San Francisco LGBT community. ...more

    the blowout (lit/fig)

    thanks, i've got a mirror, too. ...more

    The Bohemian and The Bulbul

    The Bohemiand and The Bulbul is about my unsual life in Yemen, and how being a Lebanese woman in an unfamiliar Yemeni culture changed me forever. I started a new narrative series under "Posts", the first of which is titled "Of Yemeni rest stops and a Lebanese woman."...more

    The Brave Discussion

    Location Worldwide - meetups Australia See map: Google Maps The Brave Discussion is a community based blog project led by a company of women who come together to raise awareness for issues that need to be discussed, whose stories need to be changed. Curated by Kathie Melocco, a social change trainer and teacher.The blog sets out to deliver 365 powerful stories over a 12 month period. Our mission is to apply the power of narrative to organising, movement building, and social transformation....more

    The Candy Pitch

    The Candy Pitch dishes up tasty burlesque tidbits and delectable striptease confections through interviews, news, video and pictures. ...more

    The Carnival Against Sexual Violence

    Information about the Carnival, how it operates, and previous issues. ...more

    The Chronic Lesbian

    The Chronic Lesbian is one femme's tale of living with several chronic illnesses. ...more

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